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Full Version: texture display problem in lists
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Tested in Helix 14.0 running on Win 7.

This skin uses a $VAR to set the texture for an image control displayed when Container.Content(genre). The idea is to show a genre-specific thumb image. That works. But there is an option for the user to set his own path for the genre textures, so the $VAR gets set to path\$INFO[ListItem.Label].jpg, where the path has been set using a Skin.SetPath.

The thing is, if there is just an image control in the window, it displays the texture. But if the image control is in a list container, it just shows the fallback and the log gives me "CTextureCacheJob::GetImageHash - unable to stat url". If I hard-code the path into the $VAR it works, but when it is set from $INFO[skin.string(genre_path)] it fails. Is there some trick to getting the texture to work in a list?

scott s.
Try adding the container and list ID to the label.


It doesn't work in a list container. Long time ago i had the same idea for studios.
Thanks. Sorry to hear that. I tried some different things thinking maybe I was doing it wrong.

scott s.