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Full Version: ListItem.PlotOutline not working for TV Episodes?
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I've been trying to get the outline of an episode to display in some places instead of the entire plot. For movies this works fine but for TV episodes it doesn't want to play ball.

In my .nfo file for the episode I have the following:

<outline>A short outline.</outline>
<plot>Bernard's dodgy accountant has to go on the run, leaving him ill prepared to fill out his own tax return. In fact Bernard would rather do anything than fill it out.</plot>

When I display the plot within my skin like so
<value condition="Container.Content(Episodes)">$INFO[ListItem.Plot]</value>
it displays as you would expect


However if I try to use the PlotOutline instead, nothing appears
<value condition="Container.Content(Episodes)">$INFO[ListItem.PlotOutline]</value>


I'm doing this on Isengard, but I haven't tried it before on a previous version so I can't say if it was working earlier or not.
Are the episodes scraped using the NFO files?
i'm pretty sure plotoutline is only available for movies.
Can you confirm so we can change the wiki?