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Full Version: TMDB Movie Scraper not working
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Running Windows 8.1, Kodi 14.2, and The Movie Database Scraper 3.8.0.

Last night, everything was fine and worked as usual. Today, I copied two new movies into my movies folder, ran a library update and was surprised to see that the scraper didn't detect them.

Oh well, I thought, I'll just have to type the name of the movies into the scraper manually. Went to Videos--files--right clicked on the file and click "Movie Information." After a brief "Querying The Movie Database info" screen, it popped up a keyboard. I typed the exact name the film, and after another brief "Querying," I'm back at the keyboard. I tried several of different movie titles, as well as just a few common words, and it always sends me back to the keyboard like it can't find anything. I'm not sure if it's really even contacting the database or not.

Any ideas? I've never had any problems with this before, and I've been using this same basic setup for about 2 years.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Same problem here, just re added my library back into my iPad and films are missing. Not all films but only certain ones. For example November man. I have robbie Williams concerts for my othe half and cannot find any thing to do with him, but they are all there on the website. The film roadhouse, wolf of Wall Street all not found.
Our problems are not the same (though they might be related). For me, none of my films will scrape. It doesn't matter what the film is.
(2015-05-29, 00:52)Unno Wrote: [ -> ]Our problems are not the same (though they might be related). For me, none of my films will scrape. It doesn't matter what the film is.

My system is the same way. Everything worked perfectly fine the last time I added a movie (a couple days ago). I went to add a few new ones today and no luck with the scraper. It just pops up the dialog to refine the title but refuses to match anything. I assume it's an assume with a plug-in update. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.
Same for me.
Same here! It's like it doesn't connect with the web.
(2015-05-29, 01:45)nerkaid Wrote: [ -> ]Same here! It's like it doesn't connect with the web.

That was my first thought, but everything else that goes online to function (like streaming videos) works perfectly fine. It's something wonky with the scraper plugin itself.
If I am reading this correctly https://www.themoviedb.org/documentation/api/updates there was an API update yesterday. Perhaps something got broken. However none of you have posted a debug log.

Quote:2015-05-28 - (481) - Add 'original_language' to movie list items?
So I was looking in to this ... since I have the same problem, on my xbmc box (linux) also with 3.8.0 plugin ...

with debugging on I looked in the logs everything seems fine but when it returns the results it just says <results></results>

if I run a wget with the same url on that linux box I get a 404 error, but it I paste that url in to explorer it returns the expected (or atleast what I think are expected) results

I reset my box, checked for updates for the plugin and made sure that it wasn't some weird networking error, things are resolving correctly and connecting to the web server but it seems like wget / curl is being blocked at least on my linux box
I think it might be something with themoviedb.org itself. Socket stopped working, etc... Dunno the specifics of their setup though or how to test it. Just cause the website is up doesn't mean the socket is working properly.. Also, KODI should be able to check that IMHO and say when the socket isn't peachy, if that is the case...
FWIW, There is an open ticket in TMDB

Seems to have an original_language and overview field in the search results json.

these changes sort it for me - I'm somewhat rusty/unfamiliar with the tmdb scraper, so I may have missed something.

I have confirmed the issue. Although I find it unconventional they would change something like this on the fly but... they did... Anyhow, here was the reply from the TMDB thread I linked above itself:

Quote:Reply by Travis Bell on May, 28 2015 at 11:05PM

We added 3 new fields to the search results (genre_ids, original_language and overview) this morning and if I was a betting man, I'd bet that is the cause. Since Kodi uses regex to parse the JSON results, it can be super finicky with the response.

I'd suggest hitting the Kodi guys up for a fix.


Since that is the default movie scrapper installed with KODI, it would seem to be in need of an emergency patch.

Im having the same issue. I've now reinstalled Kodi with OpenELEC-RPi.arm-5.0.8 and getting the same problem. Ive also tried scanning for movie changes on old Raspbmc versions of Kodi with no success.
It really is a problem. I opened the ticket at TMDB and when I found out it was a known problem I had to switch to using the Universal Movie scraper with iMDB. Unfortunately the iMDB is nowhere near as complete or intelligent as TMDB and I now have numerous unknown movies (mostly shorts for the kids, for example Toy Story shorts). I also had to change about 30 movie titles so the iMDB would recognize them. It doesn't like things like "Tremors 2", it wants the entire title like "Tremors 2 Back to Perfection". I hope the extra data fields can be added to the TMDB scraper as soon as possible. It is unfortunate that the developers at TMDB didn't give the Kodi developers any notice of the changes.
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