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Full Version: TMDB Not Scrapping Correctly
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Okay so up-to-date now with 3.8.1 howver I ended up beofre realising that there was an issue to remove my libary and start again so I ended up having to reimport my hwol libary again however since the update the scraper is not scraping my movies crorrectly although nothing has been changed so there is still a major bug.
You need to be a bit more articulate as to this perceived bug, I haven't seen it. Keep in mind that if you already have meta-data in the folder with the video, Kodi will use that information first on a re-scrape.

What version of Kodi, hardware, debug log (wiki) while doing the action that is causing you distress.
I've had the same issue as well running OpenElec 5.0.8 (Latest) on RPi 2, so basically I cleaned my whole libary as a new movie I added to my HDD wasn't being scrapped not realsing that the actual fault was with the scraper. So I cleared my whole libary and was planning to reimport it as I thought that might solve it not realising that there was an issue with the scaper till I looked online. I updated TMDB to 3.8.1. Now some of my movies aren't being scraped (ie. missing them out) and othere are being listed as a completly different movie (several of my movies have been scraped as a completly different moivie and I cant do anything about it as they are named correctly and were scraped perfectly until I cleaned the libary and rescaned using the updated scraper) and nothing on my HDD has changed so the fault is TMDB Scraper.

I'm having the same issue as the other guys with updated scraper. Expect to have loads of issue report from all KODI community using this scraper. What a day. I have 1100+ movies and now this...
Okay, so I have restored my backup databse (luckily). The new scraper seems to discover new Movies after deleting the source, but when used on existing database (without removing it and restore it), new movies are not being discovered by the scraper. Also, I'm still affraid that most of the new movies from now on will be wrongly recognized or not recognized at all. So far I have noticed some movies with numbers or single letters are the biggest issue for the scraper. This looks like the same sort of issues when scraper was first released years ago. If the issue won't be resolved quickly, to me it will be goodbye TMDB scraper... This will be definitely a bad day for most of the KODI users as it might seem at first the issue is with KODI or database and not with the scraper. Many users will be refreshing databases only to find out that new TMDB will never analyze the files as before.
Try the new 3.8.2 revision. It fixed all my missing/wrongly matched movies.

I have 3.8.2 it only scraped 1 of about 30 movies. Still a no go for launch. I'm on a Minix Neo 8-H Plus
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