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Full Version: ATSC Channel Numbers
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I'm experimenting with changes necessary to support ATSC <m>.<n> channel numbering. Started by comparing with Confluence skin. I currently seem to have them working. Here are the changes I have made:

Change all occurrences of "ChannelNumber" to "ChannelNumberLabe"l. This affects files DialogFullScreenInfo.xml, DialogPVRChannelManager.xml, DialogPVRChannelsOSD.xml, DialogPVRGroupManager.xml, DialogSeekBar.xml, MyPVRChannels.xml, VideoFullScreen.xml, and View_PVR.xml.

The resulting wider channel number overlaps the VideoPlayer.ChannelName and Player.Title elements of the OSD. Changed the <posx> element from 400 to 430 on these two labels in file VideoFullScreen.xml. Reduced <width> element from 720 to 690 for VideoPlayer.ChannelName and added <width> element of 690 to Player.Title.

The OSD changes work fine for 99.9 channel numbering, and should probably work better for 9999 numbering as well. However, I can't test that and I'm not sure about the correctness of the width settings in relation to the progress bar. It doesn't seem like those values were explicitly measured anyway.

I hope these changes are suitable for adding to the official addon. I like the skin quite well and hope to continue using it permanently. Thanks for all the hard work.
Can you do a pull request ? and i'll have a look to see if I can add/merge it


I haven't done that since I have no experience with Git or GitHub and have not had the time to experiment. I'll try to poke around in the next week or two.
pull request submitted
hmm... I may have broken something. Just noticed a change that I didn't see when I initially tested my commits. I think the files didn't load until later, after a restart.

In any case, the OSD is no longer showing the channel number & name with the program name. Was this a deliberate change in your repository that I forked? If so, then I need to remove my position/width changes. If not, I need to figure out what I did wrong.

Please advise.

Edit: Oh, I see, it's moved up there. Reject that pull request and I'll try again.
there were a number of changes to the PVR part as we're getting ready for Kodi 15/Isengard
i'll reject this one.
A new pull request has been submitted. Same changes as before except for the position/width values.
thanks for the work, just for reference, this has been merged and is included in isengard release which should be on the official repo soon.