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Full Version: Unable to PM
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if you provide your support directly on the forum, more than only one user will benefit from it
Hello there,
I've been PMed by a developer here on the forum and cannot PM back.
I understand there is a requirement of 10 posts but I don't want to post useless stuff to bump up the count.
Can someone help please?
If he needs to contact you he should do that in public.
(2015-07-08, 20:07)gattomatto69 Wrote: [ -> ]He did, but since it was considered OT he followed up with a PM

That's not out problem. Our forum, our rules. Certainly if you want to discuss banned topics
Erasing my posts just for the fun of it, do you feel satisfied?
Keep at it and you'll be banned for making useless post to work around our forum rules.
Wow all I read here is the word 'ban' what's the deal with all the aggression.

I was going to point out that I now also can not send PM's but truth be told I couldn't give a shit with this small dick mentally

"please don't ban me massa' eyes only an ignorant slave"

ta ta
In that case, the user was basically spamming the forum, which breaks our rules.

In your case, you're saying we have small dicks, which breaks our rules.

What's the point of a comment like that? You don't have to like our rules or this PM change, but if you want to use this forum you are expected to. If you want to express your dissent then you are free to do so as long as you're not saying things like having small cocks. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and our time, with nothing to show for it.
I think everything was said - time to close this thread as every new comment is only a rant.
It's fun when not being able to send a PM on a private message board because of inactivity gets equated to enforced southern slavery. That's definitely not an over-reaction.
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