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Full Version: WOL support?
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Given the feature request here identified that addons have access to core WOL functionality:


...any chance of this being picked up in the tvheadend addon?

I'd imagine that there are reasonable amount of users that either use (or would use) a means to sleep/wake a standalone tvheadend server.
My current server sleeps now, and only wakes for recordings or when it receives a WOL packet.

At the moment I'm using the Advanced WOL addon to (rather crudely) wake the server at client sleep/wake.
That's fine for my PC client, but not for my Raspberry PI client, being that it's (effectively) always on.

Any chance of integrating WOL functionality into the tvheadend client addon so it can wake a remote server on demand based on actions that require it?
Or is that more generic PVR addon functionality?
Bit of a bump on this...and also to see if anyone has a usable workaround (preferably that isn't manual).

I'm considering moving my main client to a raspberry pi, but that would mean I'd no longer be able to use the current trick I'm using with a PC and the Advanced WOL addon when coming out of sleep.
...speculative bump, if nearly 3 years on Big Grin
You can make use of advanced WOL at any time, not just at startup.

OPtions I can see working:

1. Simplest - navigate to the Advanced Wake on Lan addon and click OK - it will run.

2. Map a remote key to start the addon - saves navigation but takes up a remote button.

3. Use starting your PVR to trigger starting the addon - a bit trickier.
Yeah, I do (1) already on my always on ARM-based clients  - that's fine for me, but not obvious for anyone else.

(2) would also be a bit non-obvious to those that didn't know too

(3) I guess I'm not sure what you mean - triggered from PVR-based menu access etc. in Kodi?  I think I looked at that but couldn't get anything working well enough; can't be triggered from the PVR backend as it'll (mostly) be asleep.

Seems a bit of a shame that this isn't integrated into the Kodi plugin though, if the functionality already exists in the core addon support i.e. send the configured WOL packet (if set) for all interactions that would require the backend server to be awake.

Having said that, I suppose this sort of functionality would also better fit in the core Kodi TV/PVR support - the current "Power saving" options there could theoretically be extended to cover running a script (that sends a WOL packet) based on TV-specific activities that would require the backend to be available (no idea how difficult that would be to implement in reality though Wink ).

Did briefly look at this to find a workaround: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Kodi_Callbacks - didn't have much success (was thinking of hooking it around screensaver activity - a kind of "faux" suspend/wake event for always on clients) but might look at it again.