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Full Version: OneDrive for KODI (Officially in Kodi Addon Repository)
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Please show me how exactly should the OneDrive source be coded -

Should it be like this http://localhost:8585/source/foldername/filename.

where source is ==> Account  - Right?

Thanks so much in advance.
I’m trying to use the add-on but need some help.

Apologies up front, I’m a noobie to Kodi, so I suspect it’s user error on how to use Kodi, please bear with me.

I have installed the OneDrive add-on and can access the file structure on OneDrive from the Add-ons menu (navigate through to the folder on OneDrive where TV shows are) and then play them too.

However, I’m not sure how to go about adding OneDrive as a source. The forum says “The source path for OneDrive addon is: http://localhost:8585/source/”, however, I’m not sure where I use this. I’m assuming it’s in the Videos | Files | Add vidoes… | Add video source dialogue box? Do I just enter this in the “Enter the paths…” field that appears, or do I need to Browse? Also, how do I select a specific folder, e.g. TV shows rather than Movies?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
@caosu your URL is incorrect. A valid URL starts with http://localhost:8585/source/ plus your account name.
If "Bata Band" is a folder in your root directory, URL should be something like http://localhost:8585/source/<YOUR_NAME>/Bata%20Band
or if it's your account name then http://localhost:8585/source/Bata%20Band
@GilesX123 I recommend you for now to play your videos and other media thru the addon menu like you're doing right now.
Adding your OneDrive as a source is not required.
Hi there cguZZMan

According to the wiki section on Artwork

The use of artwork takes pride of place in Kodi. The artwork will transform your mundane media player into a showpiece to be proud of, especially when teamed up with your favourite skin.

So I was just hoping to also make use of this. 

I suspect there are others too who would be interested, we just need some guidance as to how to go about it - any assistance you can offer would be appreciated. 

Many thanks. 
@GilesX123 the way I do it is exporting my media folder to strm and then add the folder with the strm files to the library.

Go to your folder thru the addon, open the menu of your media folder and then select "Export to library (.strm)...", then select your destination folder.
After that you just add the destination folder to your library as usual.

Your folders and file names must comply with the Kodi naming convention: https://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows
A new release is in the repository. Version 2.1.0.
If anybody had an issue, please check if is resolved now.

The source mode should be working fine now. If you use the source mode to add your videos to the library, the scanning for new content should work as expected now and no more stucks. Artwork should work too. If somebody has an issue, post the debug log with your message.
The default source mode port has been changed to :8586. So the URL you should use is http://localhost:8586/source
The old port 8585 is still working only for compatibility, but what that port will do is to forward your request to the correct port 8586. That will create unnecessary requests to the server and will kind of slow your scanning process.
I strongly recommend updating your library to the direct port. You can change this port in the settings. A Kodi reboot is required after the change.
So this is the port mapping for my addons as of now:
Port 8585 <- Deprecated (Used as a forwarder to the correct port. Will be removed in the future).
Port 8586 <- Default port for this OneDrive addon.
Port 8587 <- Default port for the Google Drive addon.

Again, if you have an issue post always your message with your debug log file. https://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy

You can get this version if you have my repository installed: https://github.com/cguZZman/repository.plugins
Or you can wait for the update in the Kodi Repository (already submitted).
BTW, you need to restart your Kodi once you get the update. This is due to the change of ports.
Hey there,

I’ve been trying to set up onedrive on the latest Kodi for xbox, but I keep running into problems when adding multiple accounts. One account works fine, the second one too; but only in the onedrive addon.

In the addon I can see both accounts and their files (accounts have the same name), yet when I add them as a source in Kodi, I still see two accounts, but both have the same files (the files on the 1st account). So I can’t see the files on the second account sadly. I’ve tried to give the second account a different name on microsoft.com, but that didn’t help.

Any ideas perhaps?

Thanks for the great addon Smile
@Juun89 Yea, the problem is that you have the same name. Just change your name in one of your accounts, at least one character must to be different. Then re-add your account in kodi and you should see the new name there and your problem should be fixed.
Let me know.
Ah. So it ís that.

I changed the account name, though it doesn’t show properly within Kodi or the OneDrive addon yet. It might take some time to process..

I deleted and re-added both accounts, but it doesn’t show yet.

I’ll try again tomorrow and report back.

(2018-10-03, 19:09)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@Juun89 Yea, the problem is that you have the same name. Just change your name in one of your accounts, at least one character must to be different. Then re-add your account in kodi and you should see the new name there and your problem should be fixed.
Let me know.

To be sure I changed the names on both my accounts. They changed everywhere I log in (windows, onedrive, ms account) just not on Kodi/OneDrive Addon... Any suggestions? I even tried to re-install Kodi, to no avail.

To clarify; it still displays the old names for both accounts, even after full re-install of Kodi, addon and accounts (revoked permissions and everything).
Looks like this is known issue with display names in outlook/hotmail. It takes a lot for the change to be reflected in the apis. In the meantime you could change the name manually. But you need to modify a file in your system.
Go to the folder Kodi\userdata\addon_data\plugin.onedrive.
In that folder, open the file accounts.cfg,
Search and edit your names.
Save the file.

This will change the display names only in Kodi and should fix your issue.
Has anyone got the problem where the speed between pictures is really slow/out of control when going in slideshow mode?
Changing the "Amount of time to display each image" in Kodi setting it does not go into effect.

It works on Windows/Kodi but not with Linux/Kodi.

RPi 3.
Tried Raspbian and LibreElec but to no avail so it seems to be something between Linux/Kodi.

Have not found any information about this on the web.
Thanks in advance.
Speed between pictures is solved when changing skins to Aeon Nox.

Another problem is that the slideshow does not refresh when uploading new pictures to OneDrive.
It only reacts on DELETED pictures but not the ones I add.
It however refresh when restarting the slideshow.

I tried to open the AutoRefresh Slideshow with key but it does not work.
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