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Full Version: OneDrive for KODI (Officially in Kodi Addon Repository)
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@skitti I'll take a look on the auto refreshed slideshow.
@cguZZMan Thank you!
Can someone help me? I keep going to the url link to put in the code and the code keeps getting denied.
And your browsing device is connected to the same wifi as your kodi device?
Post your debug log file: https://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy, and an screenshot of your browser.
@bscott same thing happened to me when I tried to login directly after I installed the addon. Try to wait a couple of hours and try again.
Worked for me.
Hello, I'm a great fan of this addon!

I've installed the addon en can see all my music en video files. The problem is: I can't add my music files (200 Gb) as a source to my music library. I've tried all the former posted methods but none works (even to make a stream file). Unfortunately I can't make a logfile because my system says the file is too big. Can you help me?
The log file gets reset after restarting kodi, so it won't be too big.
Also specify exactly how you are trying to add your music files as a source. Step by step. And then you can tell us in which step you are getting stuck.
Thanks for the quick response!

I will try to send a logfile later.

1) I installed the addon and activated it.
2) In the 'music' menu I added my OneDrive Music folder as a source.
3) When I go to Music->files->OneDrive music folder I can see all my albums and songs
4) When I go to Music->files I go to the context menu of my OneDrive music folder and choose 'add to music library'.

When I do this the same way with my external harddisk everything is scrapped and add to my musiclibrary flawelessly.

5) Unfortunately I don't see my music in the library. :0(
(2015-11-30, 21:54)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]To start the slideshow at startup, you need to run the following instruction:

Just replace the DRIVEID and the ITEMID values with the correspondent values of your folder.
If you don't know them, just go to onedrive.com and navigate to your folder. Once there, the url will have 2 parameters: id and cid. The id is your ITEMID, cid is your DRIVEID.
Let me know if this works for you. 
I cannot find CID and ID in the URL on OneDrive. I have OneDrive for Business, can it be the reason?
I want to Autostart the slideshow from a specific folder on Onedrive.
I tried to make a logfile but it keeps saying that the file is to big. Have you any idea how I can add my OneDrive files into my music library?
@Denace I'll take a look.

@skitti you could found your business' driveid or CID in the accounts.cfg file. It's located in the folder Kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.onedrive. There is a list of drives there. One is for your business drive.
@cguZZMan  Found the drive_id but in accounts.cfg. However the item_id was found by looking at the log after I entered the wanted folder in Kodi.
Did you find a solution?
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