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Full Version: OneDrive for KODI (Officially in Kodi Addon Repository)
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Hi there !

Since a few days ago, I have been unable to use any addons to download and use subtitles. Everytime I try to load a subtitle after a search on any addons, I receive the message "Failed to load the subtitle". After a bit of investigating, I came to the conclusion that this is only happening when streaming movies through the OneDrive add-on.

The problem appeared suddenly, and I can not figure out why it's happening since searching and downloading subtitles worked for me just a few days ago. I tried fixing the problem by moving the default location of the subtitles to somewhere local instead of the default setting of "next to video".

Here's a log of that issue, I used three different subtitles add-ons to replicate the issue: https://pastebin.com/rdZpv76C

I also made a thread for that issue a few days ago, before I could figure out that this was only happening on movies streamed through Onedrive. Here it is, if it is of any help: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...id=2568419

I'd really appreciate if you could look into this issue. I am of course available if you have any questions or if you need anything, like another log or an add-on list.

By the way, I do want to thank for this add-on. I have been using for more than a year and it's my first snaffu with it. It's helped me so much, you have no idea. Blush
Hi Massacre_chips, I don't see the relationship between the OneDrive addon and your subtitle problem but I will take a look on your comments and logs and will let you know. Talk to you soon.
Thanks a lot !
Just a heads up about the issue with the subtitles. Yes, the subtitles download stopped working some days or weeks ago. Looks like the video URL generated by OneDrive is larger now than before, and Kodi saves any subtitle downloaded for the video with an equal name as the URL resource name, which is more that 250 characters and therefore the OS rejects the creation of the file.
I'm almost done with a workaround. Will create an update release in the repository once is completed.
In no way this issue should be affecting another addon or Kodi functionality outside of onedrive scope.
I'll post a message once is done.
I think 8 understand. Anyway I want to thank you for being so reactive with this add-on. You're doing an amazing job
Is the account add function bugged?
Tried everything, but it always fails.

Error: Something happened with the request.
It should be working fine. After the error you mentioned, you should be getting a message popup in kodi. What's the message there?
Also, are you using the addon version from the kodi repository? or you got the last one not-yet-pubished from github?
I haven't publish the right account add web application yet for that version. The web app published in onedrive.daro.mx is for the official version in the kodi repository.
Let me know
Thank you for your fast response.

Tried v1.2 and v1.1.12 from repo. And kodi 16.1, 17 and 18 beta.

After something happend with the request attempt 2, i get the error message "unable to login".

In onedrive kodi is getting access with your MX site, removing and new adding didnt help.
v1.1.12 is the right version to work with onedrive.daro.mx right now.

What I think happened, is that when you went back to v1.1.12, your client_id value remained with the one for v1.2.0.
So just go the settings.xml (userdata/addon_data/plugin.onedrive) and make sure you have the correct default value: 0000000048145120

Somethign like this:
<setting type="text" id="client_id" default="0000000048145120" option="hidden" visible="false"/>

I think I'll publish a login app version for v1.2.0 so anybody with that version will be able to use it.
Oh my, thats it.

It work now.

Deleted manually the complete folder "addon_data/plugin.onedrive" and reinstalled the addon.

Thanks =)
I just updated the login app and the addon. You can use version 1.2.0 from github now.
Business accounts are supported with the new version.
Hello, i am having trouble with the app, i am getting this error "onedrive error check the log for more information kodi" and there is no option to add my accont/sign in. please help
Hi elliez, I haven't see that error before. If you can post your kodi log file when this is happening it'll helpful.
Anyway, first try reinstalling the addon and then just go to Add-ons > OneDrive > Add an account...
Hi there great plugin, can you please tell me what kind of video files are supported? I tried mkv and didnt play, flv does not appear on the onedrive folder.
Waiting for reply
It will show you all the videos that OneDrive reads as videos. You can go to OneDrive's page and if you can play it there, it will be displayed in Kodi.
Apart from those files, the files with these extensions will be displayed in Kodi (even if OneDrive does not take them as videos): 'mkv', 'mp4', 'avi', 'iso', 'nut', 'ogg', 'vivo', 'pva', 'nuv', 'nsv', 'nsa', 'fli', 'flc', 'wtv'.
I can add more extensions as needed.

'mkv' is supported. I would need more info about the error you are getting or your log file.
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