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Full Version: Netflix style Next Up Notification
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Introducing Next Up Notifications

This addon will popup a next up notification at a specified time period before the end (default is 30 seconds). Under the hood it checks whatever is playing and when it is an episode checks for the next unwatched episode in your library. It will then present that information in a popup style to allow quicker play of the next item or to cancel the next episode playing automatically.

You can configure the time before the end of the show the notification will show in the settings (under Addons->Services)

Skinners can skin the popup to their liking by checking the readme: Github

To install you can use this repo: Repo, it's located under Services.

Or from Github: Github




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This is very cool - thanks a lot!

I can use this myself, and I think I'm going to add support for the Rapier skin.
Cool, I'll be interested to see how you skin it for rapier.
This is a duplicate thread...please post any issues in: 228435 (thread)