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Full Version: Animate Container Content Change
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I've been trying hard to animate the content level changes from TV shows to seasons and seasons to episodes. Obviously WindowOpen and WindowClose don't work for this as it's all the same window (myvideonav.xml). I've come up with some very crude SubString + videopath + skin string + timer hacks, all of which still have some issues. So before I put even more time and effort into this, I wanted to ask if somebody has done this successfully before. And if so, how?
It's been tried before but I don't think there was ever a solution.
I've had a vague idea of using a different view type for different types of content. So you would have a list view specifically for shows, one for seasons, and one for episodes, you'd then be able to animate the Visible and Hidden states on the List/Grid containers. I never got around to testing it though.

Btw, this idea came from something I notice while using Black's Xperience1080 skin, where there is an animation between different content levels if you use different view types for each level.
That might actually work. I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks! Smile
The way Mesoptier suggests is how I do the content animation in Immersive when switching views. Works well enough if the user has different views for their content; i.e. poster for tv show, list for seasons, thumbnail for episodes.
Unfortunately, this still doesn't do the trick for me. The method described requires you to use different views, while my skin won't even offer a choice. At first I thought I could simply duplicate the same view using different IDs, but Kodi doesn't render the hidden animation when the old view isn't a valid option for the new content type. So, back to the drawing board I guess...