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Full Version: Music library, wrong albums in wrong artists!?
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Hi , new to kodi!

All my music library is meticulously tagged
..but when adding into kodi I get some odd occurrences.

I get an album by one artist under another artists name! I've re imported my library twice and it's a different album each time so it can't be to do with tags.
See example below, an album by The silver mount zion orchestra under Stratovarius but with the description from Devin Townsends Synchrestra album!!


If I delete the music locally and rescan the album remains. Seems very peculiar.

Hope you can help
I would not assume it isn't tags. Is setting for override tags using online info disabled? Check files for MBID tags?

Is there a stray NFO in a parent directory? If so, delete it and rescan.
I'm not familiar with NFO files. Would that be in the music folder?
I'll look at the tag settings but I think that's unticked as it took me weeks to tag my library via musicbrainz and I was scared of kodi messing it up.

I did notice while it was processing my library it would do this a lot while processing an album.. but once it moved onto another it cleared it up. Kinda hard to explain.

Wouldn't be a scraping issue? Suppose I should try without the album and artist description things enabled?

Sorry, really new to kodi!
If you are sure your files are correctly tagged, then I'd turn off any info scraping. Mine are all tagged outside of Kodi using Tag and Rename... I don't let Kodi change anything!!!
Well I was using the addons to get artist pictures and info didn't think it would alter tags.
Ok please help, this is ridiculous!

I've removed my library then re-added it. Disabled all album/artist info addons.

So I can show you how it does it while processing the library...

So here I go into the artist Angel Dust and look.. an At the gates album

I go back to my artist list, wait a few seconds then go back to Angel Dust and oh it's changed!


Pick another random artist.. Anathema..
Oh look a Decapitated album... Go away a few seconds.. Now it's a Devin Townsend album.

This is just bizzare... How can this possibly be tags?
Makes no sense whatsoever!
Doing a bit of testing, removed source and copied about 14 random artists folders to another folder on my drive. Added the source and scanned to library. Same problem. For example Nightwish now have an Opeth live album under their artist yet if I open it it lists all the songs with the Opeth live album title but with Nightwish song titles.


Really fed up. I've never had my library read like this in 20 years of using Media Player, Winamp and other media centers.
Reinstalled Kodi from scratch, same thing.
Curiousity sake I installed XBMC 10. Scanned the same folder, but perfect. So surely this is some sort of bug if my library displays fine in an old version?

Example. Same album on Kodi and XBMC, Rainbow's Down To Earth, although on Kodi it contains a lot of music that definately isn't Rainbow.

Worked my way upto XBMC 12 where my library was fine. Installed XBMC 13 which requested to recscan my library.... then the problem appeared.

So it seems it started with XBMC 13 Sad

So what changed that would cause this?
Try a debug log on your next scan.

deselect Settings -> Music -> Library -> Override song tags with online information (and keep it disabled till you resolve your problem)
disable all addons you have added that may cause problems except default scrapers.
delete musicdb and texturedb

try scanning again.

If it still has a problem then....

Remove MBID tags from some test albums and try scanning them. (MP3Tag, select all, Alt-T)


It looks like nfo files are possibly being created in the upper directories and confusing the client. Are you sure there are none found after a scan?


What is your music folder/file structure? Versions after about EDEN have trouble scraping/scanning with flat smb directories, you need at least two shared levels above the album level. For example;

\\Music\Artist\songfiles.mp3 no good
\\Music\Artist-Album\songfiles.mp3 no good
\\Music\Artist\Album\songfiles.mp3 good
\\Music\MP3\Artist-Album\songfiles.mp3 good
Did you read Post#2?

Musicbrainz support was introduced in XBMC 13 Gotham hence why you were asked to check for MBID's in your tags, if your music contains MBID's then we will perform a lookup on the Musicbrainz database and attempt to match it to what's on there, this will result in the information from the tags being overwritten in the library database.

If you do not want this behaviour and instead you want to purely use the ID3 tags then you need to either delete any MBID's from your music or disable the "Override song tags with online information" found in System -> Settings -> Music ->Library.
For how to get a debug log see log_file (wiki)
Thanks for the replies/help.

I did try with "Override song tags with online information" off, but not sure if that was in the later version or when I was trying older ones.
I believe my music contains MBID's as I used Picard to tag them, but i'll double check.. it's a lead at least.

My structure is Music\Artist\Album\songfiles.mp3
But all artists should have album artist tag as well as artist tag so hopefully when Picard re-organised (years ago now) it generated the folders using the album artist title and not the artist one... This seems quite confusing!
I've just installed Picard on this PC.

Scanning the small test library it seems some albums get put into the right pane as "non album tracks" when clearly the tag on the original file has an album. The ones this happen to are the ones that regularly become issues in the library (At least it seems so at the moment).

Going to process the files in my test library with Picard and see if I can reproduce the problem.

Make any sense of this?
That does look odd. I always make sure 'AlbumArtist' tag is populated. Looks like it is not in the right column, so that may be contributing.
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