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Full Version: Question about keys in Keyboard Dialog xml
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I'm experiencing an issue in the Keyboard dialog xml.
I tried to connect my dynamic layout to the keyboard but in order for this to work, I had the rebuild a static content in a panel list.
I know I will be warned that working outside the built in controls is not advisable but wanted to give it a try.

My static content actually looks like this :

    <item id="1">
    <item id="2">

I use dummy hidden buttons for built-in controls 100-111 / 120-171 .
All displays correctly and resize fine but when using the physical keyboard, some keys act like "enter". For example SHIFT acts like ENTER+SHIFT (I mean if 0 is focused, it adds 0 to 312 edit control), ALT GR acts like ENTER-ENTER (if 0 is focused, it adds 00 to 312 edit control). Is there something specific I missed for some keys acting like "ENTER" ? Or maybe there is another possibility than Sendclick() ?