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Full Version: Streaming KODI to Samsung TV by DLNA ??
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Hello all,

I'm wondering if there is a way to stream from the Kodi on my laptop to my Samsung "smart" TV. The TV has DLNA built in. I was able to configure the KODI so it is recognized by my TV.

When I select KODI on my TV, I see options for Video Music & Pictures. Selecting Video opens that section with two files in it - Music Library and Video Library.

If I pick Video Library, there are two folders - Playlists & Files. Both appear to be empty because if I click on it it just gives me the option to go back.

I'm guessing that my "smart' Samsung TV may not be compatible. But If anyone knows of a way, i would very much appreciate the help.

Okay, it seems that you can't stream a stream by DLNA. It appears that the TV is looking for stored files.

So, I would guess that the only way to do this is to capture the stream onto a file and then play it back on the TV from that file.

Is there a way to capture the streams within KODI? Like a built-in recorder?

Thanks for all the help... you guys are great here!

I use Samsung's Smart View 2.0 and it sets PC up as a multimedia server. You can download the app from Samsung.