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Full Version: Suddenly tMM does not start anymore, message appears instead
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Suddenly tMM does not start anymore, this message appears instead: http://i.imgur.com/WWtrBTj.png

What does that mean? What could I do to start tMM?
there was a small mistake in the mirror script.
please try again - it should work now
Thank you, mlaggner,

I have tried to start it a few times, but the same message appears. But I haven't done any update with tMM (by intention) nor have I noticed tMM doing one.

What is a mirror script?
dunno why autoupdate does not work,
but you might want to download a fresh copy from http://release.tinymediamanager.org/ and overwrite your installation...
Thank you, myron,

Done, it starts again.

That "autoupdate" is an update other than the "normal" update? One you do not notice, running in the background?

Might that happen again? So would it be a good idea to download / install a second tMM for such cases (when I have no Internet connection)?

Many thanks again
you'll get a notification popup, if a new version will be found.
no problem, if you are offline...
It happens again all the time, the same message, tMM does not start when I am offline obviously.

Is there a way to make tMM start whenever I want it?
this should be fixed in 2.6.9 - finally found the issue
Ah, that's absolutely great, so I am looking forward to 2.6.9.

Thank you very much.