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Full Version: Question about TV Series
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Ever feel like you have been staring at something for too long and looking past the obvious? I am moving from WMC to Kodi and hit a major roadblock with the way Kodi handles TV Series. I finally bit the bullet and started converting all of my DVD images (BlueRay and VideoTS) to MKV files. That solved the major problem of the hundreds of "24" icons Kodi was displaying (with no way to tell them apart).

I now have a "24" icon and when I click on it it shows each season (exactly what I wanted). When I click on the season all of the underlying episodes are right (I followed the file naming standard) and I get a display for 4-5, 5-6, etc. When I select them they all play the right files (this is all good).

Where I am struggling is the order the episodes are displayed. Instead of being displayed as they were released or in the order on the DVD they are displayed in what seems to be alphabetical order (5AM-6AM, then 5PM-6PM). This is obviously very hard to follow as a season might start at 4PM and go forward but everything is sorted alphabetically.

In all of the research it seems like this should be addressed when I configure the TVDB add on but it seems that no matter what I select there for ordering it still orders them alphabetically. Is there another parameter I am missing that controls the order that the episodes are sorted within a season of a TV Series?

Thanks in advance.
Your sort order needs to be changed. Open up a season to where you see the individual episodes, press left (in confluence at least) to bring out the blade menu, choose sort by episode.
This is exactly what I needed, Thank You!