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Full Version: PVR Timer Sort
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I just upgraded to Helix 14.2. I'm running it on a Windows 8.1 Brix i3 with Nextpvr as the recording front in.

Just noticed something in Amber Helix that is different from Gotham. Under TV if I select on "Timers", when it brings up the list it is ordered in date descending order rather then ascending order as it was previously in Amber Gotham. When I press the left arrow key to go over where you can change the settings for that screen, I have a choice of Name or Date and no way to alter it for ascending or descending. I changed the skin to confluence and the ascending/descending choice was there. Went back to Amber and put my cursor where the ascending/descending selection "should be" and wala, it changed it. So the ability to change the date order sort is there, but it does not show up on the screen.

I love the Amber skin and after checking many others out to see what is out there, I come right back to Amber. It is clean, easy to use, not too busy and just looks good. Works well on my Raspberry Pi and Zbox just as well so I get the same look throughout the house.

Is this a known problem or maybe I have an old version? My version is 2.0.17.