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Full Version: Crash playing Mediaportal HD media
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kodibuntu 14.2 (7cc53a9) running on Intel i3 NUC with Gigabit Ethernet
Mediaportal connected with 100mb Ethernet

Both connections on the same HP Gigabit switch

Playback of HD recorded or "live" (timeshifted) TV causes infrequent (can sometime be ~30 minutes before a crash crashes of kodi, kodi is then automatically restarted.

I have removed from the log, the scheduled recordings and the existing recordings, I have also removed the password used by mediaportal


I have not experienced any crashed when playing back SD TV media.

I have not experienced any crashes when playing back other HD media (straight BD rip to files etc)
Are there any other logs that might help diagnose this ?
I did a clean reinstall on the NUC, but get the same crash :-(

any suggestions on progressing this would be appreciated
I connected directly to the share on the mediaportal share and played one of the .ts files, which also caused the same crash, which makes me think that this is not directly related to the mediaportal PVR plugin, but instead to do with playing the .ts file