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Full Version: Sony Bravia Smart TVs (2015) based on Android TV
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Hello Together,

does someone know if those TVs will run KODI? DId not find any information on the net if someone successfully using Kodi on such a Android TV based LCD-TV.
If someone here has more information it would be great.

Thanks for your help.

I don't know about the Bravias, but others have posted with some success on HP and other brands, IIRC... Maybe do a few searches on brand names/model numbers. At this point, with so many SOCs and versions of android OS and specific firmwares, I'd be circumspect unless someone has it running on your specific model TV with full success, or at least identical hardware, and then firmware can still cause problems. If buying, I'd do so with an eye to a trouble free return policy, but honestly I'd check with the manufacturer first and see if they have anyone doing it or it has been attempted. Checking any available forums for the set would be a good place to start.
Finally got my Sony Bravia KD-65x9005B working through DLNA. Had to open port 1752 on router.
I have a KD43X8305C and it runs the beta of Kodi v15. It is very stuttery on playback however - so need to try some things out. The screen resolution is 3840x2160 and currently plays back at 9fps. The native Netflix app copes with 4K streams - so the hardware should be up to the job.
Same here. Kodi behaves well on Bravia BUT the playback is terrible. If you make any progress please post results. The native playback across my network is stunning. I have tried:

Local USB

All with the same poor results. It would point to being a Kodi code issue.

In the meantime, has anyone tried any other (non Kodi) players ?
I just installed Kodi from the Play Store on my new 55inch X85C TV set (system info says MT5890, an ARMv7-based digital TV SoC from Mediatek with Mali-T624 graphics) and was pleasantly surprised by the performance: not only was building the media library from SMB shares quite fast (nothing compared to my Chromebox though) but it even allowed perfectly fluid playback of 1080p remuxes! Interestingly I can't find the resolution settings in my build from the Play Store (Kodi 15.0-RC2 compiled July 11), it is automatically set to 1080p@60Hz.

other than that I've been so pleased with the experience that I am thinking about retiring my OpenElec Chromebox BUT I'm having problems getting Dolby/DTS/HD-Audio out via HDMI ARC pass-through, my receiver outputs digital noise - only stereo downmix works fine. maybe this is expected with ARC but if there's any option for the set&Kodi of outputting HD Audio I would absolutely retire the Chromebox. simply stunning.

for the other Sony owners, it would be interesting if you could include the system info of your hardware and/or try the July 11 build from the Play Store. maybe there's a different SoC involved.

bonus hardware info: the set seems to be running on 1.5GB RAM with 8GB of flash storage (storage/emulated) in total. firmware is latest Sony update based on Android 5.02, released on July 15.
ARC in most cases cannot do passthrough. Nor does android support HD-audio yet.
thanks for the quick reply, martijn. I got DTS&Dolby ARC pass-through to my Onkyo by choosing "PCM" in the Android system settings for digital audio output. kodi audio systems settings are "enable passthrough" and enable DTS&AC3. edit: cave, there seems to be a bug where the receiver doesn't switch back from PCM(DTS) e.g. if you quit Kodi and start watching TV. "DTS" stays on in the receiver display and you won't be able to hear audio even when changing android audio settings again. had to switch off/on TV set & receiver. and for Onkyo owners, switch off "Lip Sync" in the Onkyo receiver settings (HDMI/ARC) because it does have the opposite effect with my configuration Wink

things are looking very fine so far! need to see if I can forego HD audio, also the "snappiness" of the Chromebox obviously is still quite nice to have.

only thing that I can't find out is the remote button mapping... I would love to be able and access the "info screen" of a media item in the library, and to launch the playback info overlay (you know, with fps, cpu load, etc) - not sure where those are mapped on the Sony remote, if at all.
I'm also starting using my Sony KD-65X9005C to run Kodi and I'm very happy with it.
For the remote, I've used the add-on "Keymap editor" to remap the red, green, blue buttons of the Sony remote to Home screen, Info, Context Menu.

It's working quite well :-)
ewaterke that did the trick, thanks a lot!
Running Kodi last RC on Sony 50KDL805C 2015 with android.
It runs fine and quick. Not all movies will play without framedrops, it looks like plain old DVD-MPEG2 has the most issues.
So if somebody has some tips or tricks to get it running smooth Smile
koenjer, I think that this would be the moment where a debug log could help the devs Wink
(2015-07-19, 12:25)ewaterke Wrote: [ -> ]@Hannes
I'm also starting using my Sony KD-65X9005C to run Kodi and I'm very happy with it.
For the remote, I've used the add-on "Keymap editor" to remap the red, green, blue buttons of the Sony remote to Home screen, Info, Context Menu.

It's working quite well :-)

Can you tell me how to do this? I just got a Sony w800c this past weekend and I need to get these keys added.
@littlepooch well, I installed the "keymap editor" as a programs add-on in Kodi and re-mapped as ewaterke suggested. where's your issue?