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Full Version: Kodi can't find some new music
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I added a few new albums to my music directory, and let Kodi scan for new music, but it didn't find them. If I open Kodi's file view instead of library, I can see them all, then right-click the album folder and scan to library, and it works fine. But I don't want to have to do this to every new album. Any idea what's going on? This started happening on Kodibuntu 14.1, and it's still happening on 14.2. In the debug log during the scan, these new albums are not listed at all.
Bump... this seems to be happening with all new music now
I think a link to a debug log might help get more responses. Otherwise people have to guess.

scott s.
Here is the debug log, although I don't think it says anything relevant. All the new albums don't even appear in this log.

My first thought was a permissions problem. But if I navigate in Kodi's file browser to these new folders, I can play them just fine. They just won't add to the library.
I may have fixed the problem, time will tell (once I add some new albums). I had two file paths defined in one music "source". I removed the one that was having this problem, and re-added it, and now all the new albums show up in the library scan.