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Full Version: how to get moving track info for Now Playing
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I want the Now Playing screen to show full-screen fan art, with the track and artist name moving around the screen (to avoid plasma burn-in). Is this possible? I'm not sure if I should be looking for a visualizer add-on, or do I need a whole new skin? I'm using confluence.
Confluence does not support this, but there are other skins around that have this kind of simplified visualizer. You can ofc adjust Confluence and copy the related code from a different skin. Most skins make use of the "Artist slideshow" add-on to grab additional artist fanart. A skin that did that very well was "lightbox" by tree_jammer, which got picked up by niamu under the skin name "nbox". Unfortunately these skins are a bit oudated and won't run in recent Kodi versions, but you can still check their source code and grab the required stuff form them. The newest itteration of this skins I found in a quick search is https://github.com/wdullaer/xbmc_nbox_skin
You might want to look at Vortex and run it as a viz. alternative is one of the screensaver addons. There's some help for creating Vortex presets. I found it not 100% easy to follow, but you can take one of the existing presets and hack around on it and you might be able to get what you want. I also find it kind of fiddly to get Vortex setup to only run my preferred preset, but you can get it after experimenting a while.

scott s.