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Full Version: mkv don't show
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hi community

hopefully this is the right place to post the question. if not please move it.
i am pretty new to kodi. for many years have been using the windows media center. therefore sometimes i am a bit struggling in finding things.
i have a win 7 media pc where the my movies collection management is installed and all movies hosted. Kodi is installed on a I3 nuc. since all my movies are managed with mymovies.dk i want to stick to that track. so i installed the mymovies.dk addon. it seemed to work nicely until i realized that all mkv movies do not appear. in the collection managment the meta for kodi (nfo) is ticked but for some reason that i do not understand all mkv do not show up. when i search the movie as a file i can play it without any problem but i would want to have it nicely in the library. can some one tell me what i do wrong or what i have to do to see the mkv movies as well and not only the dvd-rips (video_ts)?

thanks for your help!