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Full Version: 3pc's with 5tb on router
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Hi all, getting ready to try this out. Currently been using media portal to watch shows we download on our living room pc which is hooked up to our 55" led tv. So it is easy to see the print when sitting on our couch. Hopefully kodi will have that feature. Sadly when go into our bedroom can't tell which shows we have or have not seen. Which is sounds like kodi will help on. Just need to put kodi on all 3 pc's. Also just bought a 5tb hd to connect through our router. Hoping to put the files there, was not sure if needed to make smaller partitions for it or if kodi or mysql needed to go onto the 5tb. Getting ready to move to new duplex and not sure if we will be using wifi or running our own cat 5/6 did cat 5 in the current house. Knows we will need to buy a new router but have to check someone said that time werner cable limited which routers you could use. Will be nice to go from our 40mb download through fiber to 400mb through twc.
Thanks for any help
What is your question?
Yeah, I can't read any question, too...
I think he is asking how to make it so any viewed videos will be synced across all 3 PCs. I think.
If so: Syncing and sharing (wiki)