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Full Version: HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players ISO Menus
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Are people switching from MPC-BE to MPC-HC? Is there more development? Is it just personal preference?
Some files play correctly on one player but not the other so I use both MPC offerings as well as PDVD, FAB, and VideoPlayer.  Yes there is development.  You can read changelog at link.
What videos won't playback properly with MPCHC (+MadVR)? (Except from BD Menus).
(2018-09-18, 16:26)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]Some files play correctly on one player but not the other so I use both MPC offerings as well as PDVD, FAB, and VideoPlayer.  Yes there is development.  You can read changelog at link.

Fury (2014), a 4k HDR Atmos file is a title that will play properly using MPC-HC and FAB player 3 but not MPC-BE.  Ripped using DVDFab with complete menus to iso, MPC-BE starts an 'extras' title and does not navigate to the main movie playlist nor will any amount of navigating within the player reveal the correct video title, audio titles, or subtitles unlike other players.  Usually, main movie playlist is the default that opens but not in this case.  Imo, this is a fault of the player especially since other players do not fail to render using the same internal or external mounter.  However, if the iso is mounted in Windows Explorer and navigated to the main movie playlist, it can be assigned to MPC-BE (or any other player) and performs as expected.  But this isn't the cure for what we strive to achieve here.  Fortunately, very few titles exhibit this flaw leaving MPC-BE a very competitive player for us enthusiasts.  Likewise, where other players failed to render properly, MPC-BE had no problem.  Can't remember exact example but I believe it was a 3D iso that ran into obfuscation problems with other players but not MPC-BE.  Bottom line for me is to have various players on hand if/when I run into something screwy knowing one of the players will fill the void of another.  This was already briefly mentioned here fwiw https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2757300
Here is a recent example of MPC player differences:

I've been using madVR v0.92.14 with no problems.  I just installed the new madVR v0.92.15 released today carrying over settings from v0.92.14.  MPC-HC starts with a black screen and no OSD.  I assume it is paused which it is and I press play.  My display flashes into HDR mode.  Audio begins and the picture is frozen on a single frame.  If I navigate forward or reverse, the movie begins to play normally.  This isn't exactly good and I certainly don't want to jump through hoops to begin playback when I didn't used to with the older madVR version.  So I start with MPC-BE instead and none of this funny business occurs.  It just starts and plays like it should.  Both MPC players use identical settings.  I've no idea why one works as intended and the other doesn't anymore but it is madVR related.  Perhaps I will fiddle with its settings and find the new culprit but a quick exam revealed nothing so chances are madshi can adjust once I bring it to his attention.
I have gotten some odd behavior with MPC-HC compared to MPC-BE. When I open a file from a folder, and use "Open with," it is fine. But opening the same file from MPC-HC results in a paused black screen. I have to kill the player. And it doesn't seem to impact all files.
Fwiw, on your paused black screen you can press play.  The player will render a picture and the OSD.  The audio will be playing and the video will be paused on a single frame.  Navigate forward or reverse and everything will be normal.  As stated, not a fix but further diagnostic aid.

Just installed v.0.92.16.  No change.  Presented update at doom9.
As I can remember it was an update recently for MPCHC (not BE).  That may be the cause. Have you tried it also with the previous version(s)?

(Regardless it's a bit strange and surprising to me, that it has just been suddenly updated, as if I recall it properly, the developers stated that they abandon the MPCHC project (or was it meant just a "suspension"?) ).

The only case I've experienced somewhat similar was with a DVD remux mkv, where I've have to add some delay to a custom audio track (to match up with the video) in MKVToolnix. The result was a back screen, with the counter stuck at 0:00, but in the instance I've pressed a bit the forward button it came to play back totally normally.
MPC-HC updates fairly regularly.  There are no new features being added, but compatibility issues and updates are being attended.  MPC-BE updates more regularly hence nightlies.  Reverting to an older version of MPC-HC is not the answer imo.  Using an older version of madVR with ANY version of MPC-HC results in no problems.  The newest and latest versions of madVR induce the problem.  Whether MPC-HC or madVR development is going to adjust to address the problem is yet to be determined.  The first step is awareness.  This has nothing to do with MKVToolnix or any other encoding.  The problem is present in every format and every container, touched or untouched at least in my system which (again) was perfect until the latest madVR install(s).
Did you get anyone response on your issue with MPC-HC or get it figure out? I wonder if the blame can be traced to madVR when it only impacts one media player. MPC-BE and DSPlayer show no problems. In my case, it seems to have something to do with the network or the way MPC-HC loads files. Playing them from the folder using "Open with" will make the file start normally. I was also using test builds when this occurred, so I don't know if madVR triggered the issue by itself or if MPC-HC just imploded somehow. Like I said, it seems hard to understand why one media player would malfunction and others would not.

Have you ever tried PotPlayer? It would be a pain to manually configure it to be controlled by remote, but it does everything that MPC does plus many more things that most probably wouldn't care about. Its development seems to be far more robust than MPC-BE or MPC-HC, although it originates from some Asian country.
Nope.  No responses.  Tried a bunch of stuff.  Nothing worked.  Just using MPC-BE, DVDFab Player, PDVD, and VideoPlayer for now.  Same with Leia problem.  No responses in any of the threads.  Oh well.

Fwiw, (forget if I already mentioned?) if I set NCP to 23Hz instead of 60Hz, MPC-HC has no problems at all.  Works as intended.  Not exactly ideal though.  Also, if I press 'stop' using the mouse, and then press play, playback begins and all is well.  Have always used madVR to control refresh rate matching.  Something is screwy with madVR and MPC-HC after recent madVR upgrade.  Doesn't happen with MPC-BE and never had a problem before updating. 

New LAV Filters today.
These kind of changes are supposed to lead to adjustments to the media player rather than madVR when only one player is affected. JRiver Media Center has to go through this constantly due its complexity. I would predict DSPlayer will one day break for the same reasons.
And if DSP goes south, the methods described here could replace it imo.  As for JRiver, I prefer KODI front end where we can choose players we prefer and assign them as defaults for specific formats or medias and have the ability to easily manually select any player within the GUI to override any defaults defined.  This also leaves the door wide open to set up one player for specific uses and another player setup differently for other specific uses and not be limited to one player with one set of settings.  Then there is the full menu options that open up... etc.  I do understand your point that players will need to adjust to madVR vs madVR adjusting.  Not sure about that myself though?  AFAIK, JRiver, LAV and madVR are coordinated via Nev and madshi as far as JRiver goes.  MPC, not so sure?