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Full Version: HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players ISO Menus
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Hi @brazen1,

I was checking Post #205 to see if there had been any new/recent changes, updates or upgrades, and I noticed a comment in the GT 1030 note which I hadn't seen before:
Quote:Be aware, this GPU is NOT compatible for 3D MVC Frame Packed decoding
I'm not clear I understand this. 

I have a GT 1030 (GP108-300-A1), and a 63" Samsung 3D Plasma TV (PN63C8000). I have some full Blu-ray ISO rips of my 3D Blu-ray discs, like "Gravity", which I'm able to play in PowerDVD with full menus, chapters, etc., like a retail disc. These movies play in 3D Blu-ray using GT 1030, just as a normal 3D Blu-ray disc would play in a Blu-ray player. I use the Samsung 3D Glasses and they are not converted from 2D -> 3D, they play natively in 3D. 

I'm not really sure what "not compatible for 3D MVC Frame Packed decoding" means. 

I don't see GTX 1030 included in this list of capable 3D Vision models and I assume it's up to date since the newest models are in there.  https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technol...orted-gpus

I recently read a couple complaints that 'stereoscopic' did not show up in the control panel for this model also.

Nevertheless, I'm going to remove my statement based on your testimonial and appreciate the honest feedback.
Is there a way to make Kodi only switch resolutions if the video has a higher resolution that the Kodi UI?

I would like to keep Kodi UI in 1080p60 and play all videos without it changing resolutions for the refresh rate used in videos -- I'm ok with the videos being played back at the 60fps refresh rate, as I don't like the couple seconds black screen every time the signal changes.

But I would like Kodi to change resolution to 2160p when playing back a 2160p video... Is this achievable with the internal video player?
In theory:

You have a 4k display or you wouldn't request to play 2160p video in 2160p and everything else you want to lock at 1080p60 because you don't like the additional seconds it takes for your display to match resolutions.  You only want to use VideoPlayer.

By denying your display to match refresh rates, you will be introducing judder and instructing 3:2 pulldown to compensate for the mismatch of perfectly divisible frame rates.
None of your titles will be allowed to upscale and will not look anywhere near full potential including the KODI GUI and its artwork.

I don't think this can be done when the only player you want to use is VideoPlayer since you desire to lock everything at 1080p and then want it to unlock and allow only native 2160p to allow your display to correctly match that resolution and only that resolution.  You might be able to create a rule in the advancedsetting.xml or playercorefactory.xml but I doubt it giving it a quick ponder.  You'd probably have to manually change all your settings back and forth.

What you could do is set KODI to 1080p, uncheck 'Match refresh rates' and whitelist 1080p60.  Also set KODI resolution at 1080p.  This will probably also set Windows to 1080p globally which is not good either.  Then setup madVR to switch refresh rates for 2160p only or the player itself without madVR.  You could assign all your media to open with VideoPlayer (they will all play at 1080p60 since that is your only whitelist and the KODI resolution) then, using a playercorefactory.xml create a rule to assign 2160p video to open with a different player.  The external player will match refresh rates with or without madVR.  This of course if an external player was acceptable and not just VideoPlayer.
I've been running Kodi on my 1080p projector at 1080p60 for the past 11 years.. the projector did a great job of reverse pulldown etc, so the 60 Hz refresh rate was just fine (I know it's a senseless double conversion). So I've gotten pretty used to Kodi playback starting and stopping immediately -- it's really annoying how long those 2-3 seconds feel when you're used to instantaneous results.

The delay is not so bad when you watch a 2 hour movie, but sometimes I just start lots of little video clips, or quickly jump into a favorite scene, so starting and stopping playback every minute or two makes those switching delays a big nuisance.

Now with 4k everything is more complicated, of course, not even taking HDR into consideration yet -- 1080p was so hasslefree the last couple years, but in the beginning it was just as much trouble Wink

One thing I will try tonite is setting Kodi UI to 23.976 fps (if I can?) -- just did a quick check an > 90% of my content is 23.976 fps anyway. So that would minimize switching, just have to try if the UI feels too sluggy with the low refresh rate.

Edit: scratch that idea -- Kodi UI in 24 fps is pretty much unusable...
Your PJ would still need to go into a different resolution even if a different frame rate was locked.  The switching time would be the same whether you locked in 23/24Hz or not since it still needs to adjust for 1080p and 2160p.  Why not try what I suggested?  You would get no seconds lost waiting for a title to start with VideoPlayer (at the expense of what I already noted) and those special 2160p moments with an external player would be the only display switch to take place (per your request).  Asking how to put all of it on VideoPlayer only isn't possible afaik (other than trying something with a PCF.xml or AS.xml).
Yeah that sounds like a plan, as I will need external player for HDR anyway -- but right now I'm still fighting another problem: I have to completely turn off DXVA2 hw acceleration in setup, otherwise there is a short time of display blanking every time I start or stop video playback. Must be something in the Nvidia drivers, but haven't found any settings that might have to do with that. The display mode is exactly the same as before in the UI, but it still blanks for a short time. Strange thing is when video playback stops I see the Kodi UI for a split second, before display blanks again for a second and then returns. DXVA is not used for video scaling, UI and video both at 1080p, no refresh rate change, so it stays at 1080p60. So DXVA is only used for video decoding. Also doesn't matter whether I set Kodi to fullscreen or fullscreen window.

Any ideas from Nvidia users? I'd like to fix that before I get started with external players for 2160p HDR.
Try another driver version. Could also be a bug in Kodi with regards to DXVA video decoding and Nvidia.
(2018-11-02, 10:16)obstler Wrote: [ -> ]... there is a short time of display blanking every time I start or stop video playback. Must be something in the Nvidia drivers, but haven't found any settings that might have to do with that. The display mode is exactly the same as before in the UI, but it still blanks for a short time. Strange thing is when video playback stops I see the Kodi UI for a split second, before display blanks again for a second and then returns. ...
Just tried an older Nvidia driver version (399) -- unfortunately the problem is the same. But it's definitely not Kodi related, same behavior occurs with mpc-hc, so I have to keep digging what that could be. Never had that before anywhere else on other PCs with Nvidia cards, just the HTPC now (which hasn't had an Nvidia card before).

Edit: just found the solution:

In the Nvidia Control Panel, "Adjust desktop color settings" : "Content type reported to the display" has to be changed from "Auto" to "Full-screen videos"

Reading the Kodi Leia Beta 5 changelog and GitHub page, there is a few git issues and changelog statements which address 10 bit video as well as 4K video. I'm just wondering, has Beta 5 introduced any level of UHD HDR playback within Kodi's internal video player? Does anyone know?
No, but 10-bit passthrough might be less buggy than before.
I upgraded nVidia driver to 416.81.  Windows audio properties depending on AVR on/off state is now auto switching properly.  I tested HDR, SDR, 3D MVC, iso's and mkv's and found no problems.  Hoping nVidia adds a 10bit RGB mode that survives a reboot and perhaps addresses audio/video sync custom resolution for 23.976 leading to a dropped frame every 4.5 minutes at 1080p 3D and 2160p 2D 24Hz.  Imo, this would perfect their driver for audio/video enthusiasts and probably gamers alike.  Afaik, nothing else would need immediate attention.

*Edit*  After using new audio driver for a couple days, although improved, it STILL has issues auto switching.  I've modified the installer to replace HD Audio with the older version that works as it should.
Momma Mia ...

Thought Leia was a go.

But 4K HDR and 3D when quitting external player gives me the postage stamp interface in the upper left corner. The Kodi window border is where it should be - ie the border of the screen but there's only visible display in that upper left corner. This is with Beta 5, Nvidia 416.81, any skin I have including Estuary, pixel shaders or DXVA, fullscreen window or fullscreen. Not sure what else to try. I may go back to 398.82. My card is the 1050ti. I saw the post about setting Display / Adjust Desktop Color settings /content type reported to display as 'full screen video' solved a problem I was having with HDMI handshaking and 416.81 (didn't need to touch it with 398.81).
I have no answer for you.  This was happening to me a while back but it hasn't happened since I uninstalled all skins AND dependencies that were not in the official KODI repository.  I've been using Aeon Nox Silvo 5 with no problems for a long time now.  Fwiw, pixel shaders, DXVA on/off, FSE, FSW, and Fullscreen video setting in NCP - None of this affects KODI resizing for me.  It's all been working really well.  Even KODI HDR to SDR looks fairly decent.  I upgrade KODI v.18 nightly every few days or so.  I hope you find what's giving you problems and if you do it might help another so let us know.
No luck. I'm living with it and rebooting after 4k/3d iso. I did find this thread. People are triggering the same condition via multiple methods, and there's a ticket opened. I might figure out how to contribute to the ticket itself on GitHub. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=337359