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Full Version: HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players ISO Menus
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LAV Filters in MPC-HC are built-in as internal filters. It won't impact any external copies.
(2018-12-11, 23:41)Alcarimon Wrote: [ -> ]only one question... but if i install a MPC-HC and replace the BE ones, have i got to reset lav filter and the file.bat??
You don't need any of the .bat files.  You're only interested in UHD HDR if I understood you correctly.

The only reason the .bat files are ever needed is for .iso files.  If you don't use .iso files, you don't use them.  Just the PCF.xml.

Kodi 18 RC2 how come this version doesn’t have DD+and DTS and DTS-HD and TrueHD capability enabling the passthrough is audio settings

I'm using a nightly build from a couple days ago.  All the options to enable various audio formats when using passthrough are available and they all work correctly using the internal and external players for me.  You could try asking in the Windows forum and provide some basic info like what hardware you are using, how you set it up, what changed since it was last working, where from and exactly which installation you used, a debug log file, etc.  I'm fairly certain your problem is on your end and not a fault with KODI and definitely isn't introduced because of the methods used here.
ok but tell me if I'm making a mistake....

If I change the MPC from BE to HC, I've to install a "different" program. In the MPC-BE I stetted the external filter as LAVfilter... so will I  have to reset the filter on MBC HC than i install it?

Sorry for all. my questions but I'm afraid to make a big trouble and have to reinstall all again
You're starting to lose me?
I have just discovered the PCF.xml will NOT honor the rule to use MPC-BE as the default player for all .mkv files.  I have no use for that rule and have never used it.  But, I did create the rule for you and tested it.  It doesn't work properly so I suggested you use MPC-HC instead which I also tested with your rule requirement and can confirm it IS working properly.  There is nothing for me to fix other than suggest a similar working player for what you want to do.  I assume this is either a KODI problem or an MPC-BE problem.  Since MPC-BE can still be assigned manually AND it still defaults correctly for other file types, I will keep it installed and continue using it as desired.  You don't have to since your requirement is simplistic.

The PCF.xml DOES honor the rule to use MPC-HC as the default player for all .mkv files so you will need to install MPC-HC.  You do not have to install or do anything else except adjust MPC-HC settings just as you did with MPC-BE.  You can delete the MPC-BE program or keep it.  The choice is yours.  Since the custom PCF.xml I updated for you does not include MPC-BE (it was replaced with MPC-HC) it won't be included in your player selections so it would be logical to uninstall it unless in the future you advance and realize a need for it as another additional player (in which case you'll need a new PCF.xml).  MPC-HC comes with LAV Filters when you install it.  They will not be the most recent.  It is possible to update them by coping your LAV Filter x86 programs files and overwriting them into your MPC-HC program install.  You probably will not need to fwiw.
Brazen1 - an observation then a couple of questions. - your method to replace hd audio in the nvidia drivers is a bit clunky. Use something like winrar or 7-zip to unarchive the exe file ( it is a self extracting archive after all ) , then just delete and replace the HD audio folder . I tried this and it works .

I have gotten the external player to work corrctly but the transition bwtween player is not smooth. esp to mpc-be - kodi drops as mpc window opens, but then goes to 1/4 of desktop size before re-enlarging to full screen again. then settles and plays . There is a bit of flicker as different mods are engaged , with 3D mostly ( what I am testing) . once completed kodi stays minimised. is there a setting I am missing? 

I have an MCE remote that I can remap - what kodi , mpc-be and dvdfab shortcuts do you use?
The resize of KODI using MPC-BE for 3D began again a few driver versions ago.  I think I reported that here?  MPC-BE is becoming more and more finicky.  I have to point the finger in that direction because MPC-HC still behaves and it hasn't updated nor has anything else that's changed affected it.  I've been using v.416.81, the last working driver.  Otherwise, newer drivers perform as you describe.  I put up pics here for common mapping using a Harmony with all the players.  Some of them included soft buttons.  I don't think your remote has soft buttons.  I unzipped and edited the installer in the past.  After that the install.exe did not work and produced an error.  I'll give it a try again since you got it going.
yes I did read that . As i was not sure which drvr version started bug , I am using 385.12 which I thought was free of that issue . If I switch to using -HC instead of -BE , is there anything I need to be wary of? This is a great threat btw - I appreciate you sharing your your experience so that I do not have to reinvent the wheel .
If I'm not mistaken, 385.12 did not switch HDR correctly.  Use 385.28 or do as I've done with a newer driver.  HC and BE are basically the same player.  There is nothing to be wary of.
I’m running with Neo H9-U Android box right now I have kodi 17.6 with it running all the premium sound DD+ DTS DTS-HD and TrueHD
I think most here would know that. Using Windows is a choice, even if it comes with its quirks. Some of us do some other computing-related things besides run Kodi.
Hey guys!

I've followed this tutorial as close as I could:


playing remux mkv's is just fine, but when I open a bdmv folder or a BD Iso the player doesn't go to exclusive fullscreen mode :-\ it runs in fullscreen windowed instead

What can I do to change that?
In madVr.  Rendering/General Settings/enable auto fullscreen exclusive mode.  I have this unchecked and use FSW for all my profiles except 2160p.  My profiles are 3D, 2160p, 1080p, 720p, and SD.
In your player.  Options/Video/Fullscreen/Launch files in fullscreen.
It should make zero difference if you use an mkv, an iso, or folder structure.
my settings are exactly like that, but the problem is still there :-\

but i updated my graphics driver and now it works

another issue though. 

I have a nvidia gtx 1070. 

I have my nvidia control panel set to automatic, but when I watch normal 1080p movies it switches to 12 bit RGB. 

is that correct? Shouldn't it stay on 8bit?