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Full Version: HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players ISO Menus
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I want to note this so other users especially new ones don't see this method as problematic with lingering problems just now being discovered and worked around based on user feedback like yours tehax.

To be clear, I have no issues playing any file types with MPC-HC/BE instead of PowerDVD or vice versa including having both players installed and choose which to use or combinations of any other players.  I do not need to edit %1 into the code as you have done.  I also experience no KODI crashing or FSE vs WFS issues.  No stereoscopic on/off issues either or the need to set up a task to control it.  Until a report of something legitimately not working with current software and hardware is presented, there are no issues with anything afaik.

That said, without specs in your signature, no one has any idea what your environment is but people will assume the same is true for them and I want to avoid any confusion.  You indicated you're using the stereoscopic task which hasn't been needed for years.  I suspect you are using an old O/S version and/or old hardware, and methods used a long time ago before things advanced.  This is fine and why I've left all that old stuff up.  Now that things are different, those that are fairly current don't need to deploy as you are.  While I had no problems back in those days, I understand you do.  Why I don't know?  I don't even know what led you to have to change anything?  However, thank you for providing something that may help another but I really feel this is a one-off tbh.  I know how much effort can be consumed identifying and repairing a problem and admire your dedication.  Don't be discouraged to continue sharing.  It's appreciated and just want to avoid any confusions.  Rep point just for working it out on your own and sharing.  Congrats!
I can't watch 3D in full resolution, and I tried everything! I would appreciate some advice. The only way I can make 3D work with my Benq HT2550 projector and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is when I enable 3D in Nvidia software ("3D TV Play" mode), enable 3D in projector menu, and I get 3D on screen - projector says 1080p24 3D. But even on full OverUnder MKV files (1920 x 2150 pixels), with 3D settings in Kodi are set to "Hardware", I see a picture that's squished horizontally. I have to go to video settings and set "pixel ratio" to 2.00 to widen it to full screen. And of course I can see jagged lines in the movie sometimes that are typical of scaling half-resolution files. Also, I don't see any difference with half-OU files in terms of clarity. I tried PowerDVD in 2 versions and with old drivers I could not see a difference, and with new drivers v17 and v18 can't even play 3D. It's engaged but there's no effect. It's flat, and I still can see aliasing artifacts as in half-resolution files. 

And no matter how I tried, if I disable "3D mode" in Nvidia or windows - projector does not recognize 3D playback at all. 

Is there a way to force 3D frame-packing in full-OU files without Nvidia "3D Mode" enabled, and make projector recognize it? It seems to me that when 3D mode is enabled - all desktop details like letters become very ugly, so there is a loss of resolution there already. And on top of that there is weird scaling and stretching in Kodi that has to be configured to see the right aspect ratio. I ried Kodi DSPlayer before, it didn't help 3D. I tried it for 4K HDR but that didn't work for me either :-( Still have to try to solve it too.

Any advice appreciated...
I answered you in your other AVS thread where you asked already.  Use mkvmerge and edit the header for your TAB file.  This will set the proper resolution your ripping method failed to do and "unsquash" the two images.  You are not even using the official version of KODI which we use here.  We don't share the problems you are having. 

Briefly, without stereoscopic enabled globally (O/S display setting and nVidia setting) prior to 3D playback, you are going to only decode a flat 2D image.  Stereoscopic should always be on even playing 2D.  But, a TAB file is really just a couple 2D images merged together so it doesn't require 3D be enabled at the GPU or O/S fwiw.  You just need your display to engage that 3D TAB mode and merge the two images together once you 'fix' them with mkvmerge.  Even with 3D always enabled globally, there should be no effect until 3D actually enables on your display.  There is none here.  There is with you because you engage some 3D mode on your display when in a 2D environment and you shouldn't have to.

It doesn't matter the player be it PDVD 17 or 18.  Nor the drivers but I'd suggest 385.28 in your case.  Your best bet is to get your 3D working in Windows Explorer and add KODI later.  You can use PDVD to get it going since you have it but be aware the trial versions are limited and I think 3D is one of the limitations.  In the event you own it, make sure to check the 3D settings.  Else, set up MPC-HC/BE with madVR and LAV Filters as described in this guide.  I prefer using an iso rip of a complete 3D title instead of altering a rip like you have done because you are guaranteed the highest source possible free of reencoding and naturally the problems created. This isn't to say an altered rip won't work and I have a couple but I no longer have 4k 3D rips I created years ago because I have no use for them and can't understand why anyone else would but to each his own.  UHD HDR is no problem here either but one thing at a time.
(2018-12-31, 00:27)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]...Use mkvmerge and edit the header for your TAB file...  This will set the proper resolution your ripping method failed to do and "unsquash" the two images. 
...You are not even using the official version of KODI which we use here.  We don't share the problems you are having... 
 Thanks, but now I'm totally confused. if you can, please elaborate. I feel like I missed something but the original thread and anything I read say Nvidia 3D has to be enabled... Also, I tried Kodi v17 and v18 RC3 - are those not the official versions? The MKV files I'm testing on are not ripped by me, so I'm not sure how could I use mkvmerge - can you elaborate? They are 1920 x 2150 pixels, TAB files so have the full resolution. Is there a proper guide on how to configure Kodi with Nvidia and projector so it remains in 2D mode on Nvidia/Windows side and and file is telling the projector to detect 3D? Or is that what you are saying? I'd appreciate some pointers. I'm an ID guy, so I feel stupid not able to figure it out, but I do need some help...

Update: I downloaded MKVToolNix and opened header editor on one of those files. I see that in "video track 1" there is key "video stereo mode" that has no value. I set it to "2" which I hope corresponds to "top_bottom_right_first" according to documentation. Is that what you meant by "This will set the proper resolution"? Or is there anything else to be done? So when I save do I open this file in kodi when Windows in 1080p24 2D mode (3D switch not engaged) and it should send appropriate more to projector?
I'm sorry.  I guess it's called MKVToolNix now.  Don't feel stupid.  It seems everything is a struggle while getting familiar with things these days...
I see you're trying to help yourself and you're half way there.
I fooled around with all this a few years ago https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid1805381 and a few of my following posts after.  I determined native resolution at 1920 x 1080 upscaled didn't look any different than a native 3840 x 2160 file on my 4k display.  The major difference was the time required to rip and increased file size that amounted to nothing tbh.  I use active tech so I still get full resolution to each eye.

Open the title in the header editor as you did.
Put in the value for TAB (top and bottom right side first IF it is a RS 1st title) as you did.  Only a handful of titles are RS 1st such as Edge of Tomorrow 2014.  Most are LS 1st.  So enter the correct value according to the help doc.  If the depth looks correct with the glasses upside down, it's a LS 1st and you'll need to reedit as well as change the order in your display settings or the software (KODI) whichever is easiest or if you want to look cool just leave the glasses upside down.  JK!
Find Video Display Height and Video Display Width and enter your resolutions 1920 x 2150 replacing the one that is the small resolution with your new ripped resolution.  Now it will render the correct size and not be squished.
In the header editor tab make sure you save it or nothing will change.  The changes are instant.

For what I do using what I use, when using SBS or TAB files, 3D does not need to be enabled in NCP or the O/S.  I would think the same holds true for you.  However, always enabled works proper too.  This is essential for frame packed MVC which is not the format you're using.  Just sayin'...  Either way you're good to go.  You should make sure TAB or Half-OU is included in the file name so software knows to trigger if it relies on it.

Do enter the correct settings in KODI if using its player just as you do with any other player.  In settings/player/video/ set to preferred mode and disabled when ended.  In system/display/ current should be disabled and preferred mode is set to same as movie.  When in use, current mode will show what it switched to (hopefully TAB in your case) and auto disable when finished so you aren't staring at a fuzzy 3D GUI once you remove your glasses and your display switched from 3D mode to 2D.  I always use my native resolution which is 2160p at 60Hz for everything.  Isn't this why I got 4k equipment?  I then match refresh rates both in KODI and madVR when using an external player.  Same with PowerDVD the first time it automatically prompted me as well as DVDFab Player.  Resolution is automated no matter what is in use.  If your PJ is problematic automatically switching proper 3D mode and you have to manually do it, it is what it is.  Fwiw, I don't but I'm using a smart panel.  My old 1080 dumb panel auto switched too.  There was a time I used an add-on for Samsung only that ensured this because I'm too lazy to do anything manually and desire everything automated.  I hope this helps you along a little further.
(2018-12-31, 04:01)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]  I hope this helps you along a little further.
Thanks, it's a bit clearer. My projector is supposed to understand 1080p 24Hz (not more) frame-packed 3D OR 4K/60Hz - there's a switch in the menu 4K vs. 3D. There is no 3D and 4K at the same time. The only way I got projector to understand 3D signal is via switching to 3D in Nvidia software or windows display settings. This seems to create a fuzzy details in desktop and Kodi interface, and looks like resolution is halved. I don't care if this fuzziness is switch on manually or automatically at playback time, but it looks related to the lower apparent resolution. But there should be a way around that, as frame-packed 1080p/24 is supposed to be a full-resolution mode.

What software are you using for 3D and in 4K? What player, and is there a guide to configure it with Kodi properly? So far I also couldn't make it play 4K HDR, although my GTX 1050 is supposed to do HVEC HDR. Regular 4K is fine. Can you describe the whole chain of software you are using? Thanks!
You are posting in a guide.  It starts on page 1.  After reviewing, if you're still really lost with how to set things up, Private Message me and I'll teamviewer into you to help.  The PM button is located near the top right on the page after you click on my name to the left on this page.
(2018-12-31, 17:48)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]You are posting in a guide.  It starts on page 1.  After reviewing, if you're still really lost with how to set things up, Private Message me and I'll teamviewer into you to help.  The PM button is located near the top right on the page after you click on my name to the left on this page.
This guide is describing Nvidia 3d enabled + kodi, which I'm using but getting the results I'm getting... You were saying you don't have 3d enabled in hardware and mentioned another software, so I was looking for a guide to that, and what software you are are using. I found an old thread mentioning half-size TAB and there was someone's reply "Yes, you are right it's not possible to display Full SBS/TAB at full resolution without frame packing due to hardware limitation. XBMC will scale Full SBS/TAB to HALF SBS/TAB." - if that's still true that confirms my fears. That would also mean it's impossible to get FHD3D in Kodi. So I'm left with the question what software DOES allow FHD3D through Nvidia 3D hardware, with or without hardware 3D enabled? Looks like half-resolution doesn't matter for 3DTV people because most 3DTVs halve it anyway. But my projector can do true full FHD3D.
Update: Kodi WIKI actually says "When connecting a HDMI 1.4 frame packing 3D capable HDMI display to an NVidia GPU, "Enable stereoscopic 3D" must be enabled in Windows NVidia Control Panel to use it. In Kodis "stereoscopic 3D mode" selection, this enables "Hardware based" for that display. It also enables the "HD 3D" modes 1080p24 and 720p50/60 in the NVidia Control Panels "Change resolution" section." So with Kodi enabling hardware 3D is the only way, but it does support FHD3D on Windows/Nvidia (my setup). I also found a mention that setting MKV header "video display" width and height to normal HD, i.e. half of vertical resolution of "video pixel" height and width, should help. I will try that...
This guide describes much more than you assume.  You've misunderstood my words to you.  Stereoscopic is always engaged on my system.  It has to be because I use other 3D formats than simply SBS or TAB.  For those who only use SBS or TAB, it doesn't matter if stereoscopic is engaged or not in the NCP or O/S display settings.  KODI is able to play SBS or TAB formats and stereoscopic does not need to be engaged for these in the O/S or the NCP (nVidia Control Panel).  But for frame packed MVC 3D (99% of my 3D titles), they do.  Because official KODI is NOT capable of playing frame packed MVC 3D, I rely on other players that are and I launch them from the KODI software as a seamless operation meaning I never actually leave KODI and initiate anything because it's all automated with one press of the remote control button on any title while in the KODI library. 

You ask what software (player) allows FHD3D.  There are many.  I use MPC-HC, MPC-BE, and PowerDVD for 3D.  I also use DVDFab Media Player v.3 for some HDR scenarios.  Lastly, I use KODI's VideoPlayer for other situations including HDR and 3D.  At times I prefer using an external player for SBS and TAB titles even though KODI VideoPlayer handles them.  The choices are endless. 

As stated, I no longer have those 4k 3D.mkv files (similar to what you are using) I created years ago.  I only use untouched, unaltered, 1:1 frame packed MVC 3D rips (commonly referred to as iso's or raw file structure folders without a container) that are of course FHD3D and I'm forced to use an external player that handles them.  However, I have a couple SBS and TAB files but they are half SBS and half TAB and of no use to test KODI's internal VideoPlayer if it handles full SBS or full TAB anymore for you today.  A few years ago when I DID do this test, the KODI player did handle them.  That's why I linked my post from that era for your review.  In the KODI OSD of that picture I posted back then, you can clearly see the KODI player is rendering the native resolution of the file I created - 3840 x 2040 SBS 3D.  I've no idea if this still true but you say other posts say it isn't.  In that case, use an external player known to pass Full HD 3D and as stated, add KODI last.  For now, install and setup a player to run solo until you have your 3D working and automated as much as possible.  Then you can setup KODI to launch it just as if it was built -in. 

Don't know what else to describe or try to help you with other than this guide will guide you multiple different ways to achieve what ever it is you want to do but it will require you read it, follow it and apply some dedication. You know the drill.  Everything you're asking is covered in this guide.  I don't mind reiterating some personal touch for folks now and then but at some point you should read and try to follow the A-Z directions I've provided.  I've extended myself to you if you find it too complicated but if it's a matter of time or you find it too cumbersome, I'm not your guy. 

I don't know the percentage of how many TV's halve 3D resolution?  Mine doesn't.  That's because I'm using Active 3D tech vs Passive 3D tech as I already mentioned to you.  Owners of 4k displays with Passive 3D tech like LG OLED's swear that even though every other line of horizontal resolution on their panels are black off pixels (unlike my panel where every single pixel is active and in use and both displays use the exact same number of pixels), they see resolution just as I do because the increased amount of pixels 4k adds are so many, they magically make up for half the ones lost and they don't notice.  They go on to swear that even though only half the pixels are lighting up and doing something, the picture is somehow superior to an active panel that uses all of the pixels.  Personally I think it's a gimmick of fake news to sell the tech.  I don't know the tech for your PJ but you should.  Active or Passive, the picture is going to look great if the source is great.  I started with a perfect source at 43GB and after encoding ended up at 63GB stripped for that x264 title I created years ago that is similar to yours.  How many GB's is your file and is it x264?  This should give you some idea about your source and what you expect of it.
hey sorry to bother you again! 

but since I changed my nvidia driver back to 416.81 MPC-BE doesn't start in exclusive fullscreen anymore. 

it always says "fullscreen windowed"

Enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode is definitely checked in the Mad VR Settings. 

It worked before when I was still on the latest nvidia driver and I didn't changed anything Sad
I'm using D3D11.
I'm using profiles in madVR for all resolutions and 3D.  One of these profiles is for rendering/general settings (where you enable or disable FSE).
(1) For 3D and 2160p I'm using FSE.
(2) For everything else (1080p, 720p, and SD) I'm using FSW.

I have no idea what kind of file you are playing? 
I play a UHD HDR 2160p and madVR OSD is showing exclusive just how it should per my selection - (1)
Same with 3D - (1)
I play an SDR 1080p and madVR shows FSW just how it should per my selection - (2)
I change this setting to FSE in madVR and OSD shows FSE just how it should per my new selection - (1)

I'm using the same driver version as you.  416.81 with a two generation old EVGA full sized GTX 960 4GB.
I'm using an MPC-BE nightly from a few days ago.
I'm using the latest MPC-HC build from a week ago.
Both players behave the same FSE or FSW.
I'm using the latest W10 build with official KODI v.18.
I'm using RGB Full 4:4:4 8bit.
I'm using launch in fullscreen setting in both players.
I don't know why it's failing for you?  Are you actually in FSE?  Double click the field in your player so it maximizes because if you do the reverse it will change to FSW until you know it's fullscreened.  I just use the setting in the players so there is no room for doubt.
Hello @brazen1 . Do you have any idea why any movie or show does not turn to "watched" after playing them (with MPC-BE)?

My playercorefactory.xml is:

    <player name="MPC-BE" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<rules action="prepend">
    <rule filename=".*HDR10.*|.*HDR.*|.*hdr.*" player="MPC-BE"/>
    <rule filename=".*.MVC.*|MVC.*" player="MPC-BE"/>
    <rule filetypes="iso|bdmv|mpls|m2ts|mkv|mk3d|.*3D.*|.*.3D.iso|3D.*" player="MPC-BE"/> 

I made some screenshots for you..

these are my settings (the most important ones, please let me know if you need more)


I use the same settings for 1080p and 720p (FSE) but I always get FSW. 

it worked on the latest driver, but when I switched back it just stopped working. I don't know why, because I haven't changed anything from my settings
Auto update watched status via external players has not worked with LEIA since day 1.  It still doesn't but it did in prior versions of KODI.  Only the internal VideoPlayer updates for me and all this is true when using any skin including Estuary.  I wouldn't count on any fix for this.  We are a small niche with a small problem unrelated to KODI usage no dev is going to care about tbh but miracles do happen so we can continue hoping.  If you want to be outgoing, create a Windows bug thread with a short description and a debug log.  If you get a responce, I'll contribute to the thread.  Btw, now is the time to report last minute bugs since LEIA is in RC about to be released.
From your screenshots, you have quite a few different madVR settings than I.  I doubt the differences would affect FSE and FSW but you can try matching mine just to test I suppose.  My settings are in the guide although there have been some changes I've not updated yet.  Screenshots of your MPC settings provided look fine.  I see nothing wrong with your madVR OSD either.  Try MPC-HC instead of MPC-BE also.  That could be a difference on your system although it isn't on mine.  You could also try copy back instead of D3D11 in LAV.  The bottom line is, if FSW vs FSE isn't affecting you, I wouldn't worry about it too much although it would bug me too knowing the OSD shows wrong. Personally, I'd use FSW for everything if I could but 3D and HDR are too finicky.  You could also ask the experts here https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t...&page=2705  I can't believe madVR is reporting FSW when you clearly have FSE enabled?

Wait a minute, wait a minute...
You have a screenshot of your madVR FSE enabled setting for (((2160p))) and another screenshot of your madVR OSD but your playing a (((1080p))).  Check that your 1080p madVR profile setting is checked and set to FSE.  I'll bet it's unchecked and after you check it and play, the OSD will show 'exclusive'. 

To reiterate, and fwiw, I only use FSE for 2160p and 3D meaning I check FSE for these profiles.  Everything else is FSW meaning FSE is NOT checked.