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Full Version: KORE remote, no listing by artist album etc
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I've KORE connected to my raspberry pi KODI and can play files via the file list, nothing appears via selecting music -- artists or album options, how do I generate this information, as it says it is syncing but nothing is there? Where how do i do/generate this?

I'm a nubie (so know nothing) but have you loaded your music library?
Swype down to refresh your library, and wait till the syncing ends. If your library is big, or your media center slow it might take a while.
I am not sure if this is the same question, but if I select an artist that I have full albums in my folder structure below that artist, I can select the album and then see and play all files that I have for that artist. But if its an artist that I dont have albums for, only correct metadata for a bunch of songs in the same folder (a parent folder that has tons of artists in the same folder), then I get no songs to play at all. It says sync successful as well but no amount of time (a day so far) has made any difference to this issue.