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Full Version: TV Episodes Visible But Missing Episode Number - After Upgrade To KODI
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Hi Guys,

I recently upgraded from XBMC to KODI, all media is accessible as it was in XBMC which is great!

The issue I am having is that TV Episodes are no longer displaying the Episode Number as it did when I was using XBMC. The episodes use to display in order e.g. 1-10, as the episode names were prefixed with the episode number. But since the upgrade the episode numbers are missing, so the episode order is getting all jumbled up because they are sorting on the episode name instead of episode number. So now I don't know what order they have to be viewed in.

I am using the Transparency skin on a Windows PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure your view sort order is by "episode" and not by "name".
(2015-06-18, 09:10)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]Make sure your view sort order is by "episode" and not by "name".

Ned, My first reaction to this was "Are you kidding me, don't you think I would have found this by now if there were an option for this.". Then I accidentally stumbled across a menu when I hit the keyboard in frustration, which I didn't realise existed (I think its slightly hidden by the resolution I have set) and found the sort by option. Turns out I hit the left arrow key which bought up a new menu of the left side of the screen. A friend my mine initially setup XMBC when I was moving in, which is why it was already sorted by episode.

So, thank you for your guidance, I knew there had to be an option for it.