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Full Version: Background oddity
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I've just found some rather odd behaviour when setting backgrounds in Amber under Kodi Isengarde 15 (beta 2) on both a Pi (Openelec) and a Windows 7 machine (Kodi).

If I copy a few images to a folder and then use the settings>backgrounds menu screen I can set the backgrounds for the individual screens up fine. However if I now close Kodi, go into the folder and overwrite the jpg file with a different one, when I go back into Kodi and try and set the new version of the file as a background I still get the old one. Looks like it's cached somewhere, but it's very strange behaviour for me.

If I add or remove files from the folder, that change to the file list is reflected properly when I look into the folder in Kodi. However even if I completely delete the original file and then replace it with a new one, the original image still appears.

This doesn't look like correct behaviour to me - the caching seems to persist too long, even beyond the file getting changed or deleted. Can someone else please check this and see if it's the same in Helix?