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Full Version: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters)
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What is the addon:

This is a very simple addon for the KordKutters show. It lists, organizes the videos from the kordkutters youtube channel into categories and uses the youtube plugin only for playback.

What is KordKutters?
KordKutters is a podcast (informal hangout talk) made by two members of Team-Kodi (natethomas and NedScott) about kodi, htpc's, hardware and all things media-center related. As stated in their website:

"Ned and Nate are two members of Team Kodi. Ned is primarily responsible for the Kodi Wiki. Nate is the Foundation president and does various jobs related to project and community management for the group. They decided to put together the KordKutters project because, frankly, they didn’t have much to do one week, and it seemed like it could be fun. They’ve been showing off Kodi for years at conventions and expos, so why not start doing videos with the exact same idea in mind?"

If you have ideas or suggestions for the show visit this thread: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=226994

-Watch channel playlists and episodes on demand
-Watch the channel live episode
-Track watched status

watch gallery

Kodi official repository (video addons)

Source Code:

Awesome. I have been meaning to catch up with these videos and now you have made it nice and easy. Thanks.
This is pretty cool, right here.

@enen92, I'm hesitant to use the Kodi logo as a part of our logo, since we're officially distinct from the organization (so we can have opinions and stuff), but we really do need a logo. If you (or anyone) wanted to try to make an official logo, we'd be eternally grateful. And also I could probably send you some unspecified (though probably cheap) swag as thanks.
Glad you guys find it usefull.

Unfortanately as Stated in post #1 the logo was just to fill the space. Since a scissor create a K my immediate idea was to fill the missing spaces with the Kodi logo. I don't like it though lol.
Unfortanately my art skills are pratically non-existent, specially if something has to be created from scratch. I really need someone to send it.

I have a few ideas though. A K could be created with something ressembling a TV cable. The 2 extremes of this cable (extremes of the k letter) could be male/female plugs..separated. This would make me think about cutting the cord, or cord cut.

Need also to check next thursday if it is possible to play the live broadcast somehow.
Nice one!
Installing now.
Great start, looking forward to more videos.
Guys, I've just updated the addon to include the new art from the show (and replace those awful icon+fanart Smile ). First post was also updated with new icon/screenshots and the new release.
should be submitted to repo for easy viewing?
Letting you know that Episode 13 (most recent) doesn't come up under 'Episodes'. It will display under 'All' though. Don't really think this warrants a debug log? Happy to provide one if necessary.
That's probably my fault. I have to add each video to the appropriate playlist from the Youtube side for it to work.

edit: Or not? It seems to have already been added?
(2015-07-31, 11:49)natethomas Wrote: [ -> ]That's probably my fault. I have to add each video to the appropriate playlist from the Youtube side for it to work.

edit: Or not? It seems to have already been added?

Freaky timing. I just added it a minute ago :)
(2015-07-31, 11:51)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]Freaky timing. I just added it a minute ago Smile

Oh! Ha, I was super confused and started looking for whatever setting was auto-adding videos to the playlist. Smile
enen92, I made you a skilled python coder. Congrats. Smile
Yep, been added to the wrong playlist lol
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