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Full Version: Album art quality issue
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Hello, I'm pretty new to this but have really taken up a lot of time trying to solve my issue on my own and I just haven't had any luck. I'll be as detailed as I can.

I picked up the Raspberry Pi last week and got it set up and working and running Kodi. I have a pretty large music library on my PC (running Windows 7) and bought the Pi primarily to turn my smart TV into a big jukebox. As such, it's kind of important to me to have good quality album art when music is playing. I started to import and scan my music in but noticed the artwork was often (but not always) blurry.

So I found that lots of my album art was poor quality over the years - what looked good on a small iPod looks terrible on a 55-inch TV screen. So I meticulously went through my iTunes on my PC, artist by artist, and removed the low quality album covers and downloaded good ones. When that was complete I started the process over. Set the Pi back to factory defaults. Set Kodi back to factory defaults. And still, the album art doesn't change. It must be picking it up from some place on my PC - I thought fixing that in iTunes would get rid of the old art.

In Kodi, I can select "remote thumb" and SEE the good art - but can't get it to revert from the blurry "current thumb" that it wants to keep using.

Wasn't sure whether to post this on the Raspberry Bi board or the Windows one, it sure seems like a Windows issue to me, but since the problem involves the PC, the Pi and the TV I just posted here hoping for the best.

Hope someone can shed a light because I'm pretty burned out, spent lots of time on this.
Try deleting textures.db
I had meant to mention earlier that I DID delete that file. But now on trying it again, it works.
I'm baffled, but thanks!
Kodi caches artwork in a folder called Thumbnails, and it uses Textures13.db to cross reference the Thumbnails folder with requests to display artwork. You should delete both Textures13.db and the Thumbnails folder if you want Kodi to "forget" all previously cached artwork. You'll then experience pauses/delays in the GUI while Kodi re-caches your new artwork.

Alternatively, you could use the script in my sig to manage your texture cache a little more effectively - you could for instance forcibly re-cache certain types of music artwork, ie. thumbnails but not fanart, or re-cache the artwork for a specific artist/album. Or re-cache everything, so you have no GUI delays.