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I am having a similar issue to MRSFIXIT although I have double checked my login Wink
I start the addon and all is well until I select "Following" and I then get an error message,
Pastebin is here
Acer Revo R3610 running Kodibuntu and Isengard (yeah I know I should update but when it works I just like to leave it alone)
I have checked on another machine (Rpi running Libreelec and Jarvis) and all is well.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addon.
Any help is always appreciated.
Oddly I am having the same problem on only 1 device can't log in. Really odd,

Not sure what happens but after about 100 times of re entering my log in it worked..
Update 2017.4.2 released

- Updated api variables
- Improved following section
- Login errors now shown in dialog to user
- Code clean up
Excellent update, thank you eracknaphobia.

All we need now is a search history function, say for... 10 entries. Angel
(2017-04-02, 17:37)Raitsa Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent update, thank you eracknaphobia.

All we need now is a search history function, say for... 10 entries. Angel

Sounds reasonable. I'll see what I can do.
Update 2017.4.3 Released

- Added Search History
- Updated icon image
Loving the v2017.4.3, its just brilliance.

BIG thanks eracknaphobia!
Hi eracknaphobia,
Version 2017.4.3 has reversed the order of the stream quality if autoplay is selected. I have "Automatically play the best stream available" selected in Settings but the lowest quality stream gets played (at least for my local station).

I also noticed that the same old problem about if you enter a stream during a commercial break it doesn't resume once the station break ends hasn't been resolved. You have to exit and then re-enter for the stream to play.

Thanks for your efforts. Smile.

Hello Community.

I'm trying to control The Livestreamer Plugin via JSON RPC. I want to start a specific Event.

I gt it to start the Plugin by http://osmc-internetkirche:8080/jsonrpc?request={%22jsonrpc%22:%222.0%22,%22method%22:%22Addons.ExecuteAddon%22,%22params%22:{%22addonid%22:%22plugin.video.livestream%22},%22id%22:%225%22}}
But I want to start the Event direct. Is there a Way to do this?

The Event is the following: https://api.new.livestream.com/accounts/...ts/7138398

Thanks for your Help
Regards Sven

I fgured it out to launch the Plugin by the following Command:

But I would like to start the Livestream directly. How do I expand the Command to start Account 16671129 with Event 7138398?

Thanks for your Support.
Almost there you just need to add the parameters for the livestream addon so it knows you wish to play a stream

So taking the parameters shown in irn|bru's example

We need to add the parameters to your json call

{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Addons.ExecuteAddon",‚Äč"params":{"addonid":"plugin.video.livestream","params":{"mode": "104", "event_id": "7138398", "owner_id": "16671129", "video_id": "LIVE"}},"id":"7"}}

I've omitted the parameters that we shouldn't need. Hopefully this works or at least gets you closer to a solution.
@Eracknaphobia: Thanks for your Help. You finished my odysey of trial and error. It works perfectly. My Proyect succsessed.
Greets kangoroo
Something doesn't seem to work. I Get an Parse Error: {"error":{"code":-32700,"message":"Parse error."},"id":null,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

when Ifire up this URL: http://localhost:8080/jsonrpc?request={%...estream%22,[%22getStream%22:%2223202872%22,%227200883%22,%22None]},%22id%22:%227%22}}

What I'm doing wrong?
Finally I managed to solve de Parsing Error (there where some Colon's too much) . The Request starts the Plugin, but not the Stream itselve.

While I examine the Problem I found another strange thing:
When I use the manually Enter Dialog of the Plugin and I enter Account ID and Event ID the Event don't comes up directly, I have to select the Event again.
As far as I understand the source Code the Event should directly be played if the Event is Live.
Could that be the same Problem by calling via Json?

Any Suggestion are welcome.
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