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(2015-09-01, 14:03)eracknaphobia Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-09-01, 04:24)cnmsales Wrote: [ -> ]Hey man. I've installed it and I have some feed back. Clicking on live and upcoming still gives a script error and doesn't load.

When searching for ky3 and playing the link it is now playing the most recent "live" feed.

Any idea on why the love and upcoming link isn't working?

Btw, thank you for taking the time to fix this. My wife will be very grateful. You are making convincing the wife cord cutting is a good idea much much easier.

Hahaha, no problem. Glad I could help. If you can get me a log file I can take a look and see where the error is occurring.


EDIT: Nevermind, I accidentally removed the previous fix for Live & Upcoming when releasing the latest fix for the Live Search. They should both be in the newest version (2015.9.1) and can be downloaded from the first post.

Is this in the kodi repo? Installing from zip will prevent me from getting updates right? Also, give me a few days and I plan on sending you a couple bucks for your time. I am greatly appreciative that you are developing this plugin.

I'll add a pull request to the official kodi repo once I get some feedback.
Yes, this is in the official kodi repo. No, it will not prevent any future updates if you install the zip manually.
Hi guys, I think I'm having a similar issue to everyone else. I also like to follow my local news that broadcasts on livestream.com. If I do the search in a web browser for my station "KFVS", I find their live broadcast. I can not find them doing a search in KODI but I can in a browser on my computer. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. Its a great plug in. Hope I can get it working for my local station. Thanks
I can find http://livestream.com/KOLD/live via the web browser, with a search for "KOLD" but nothing turns up in Kodi.

The ability to manually enter and save a livestream link would be a great work around for these =)
Trying to search & watch this 3 day event http://livestream.com/SantaPod/EuroFinals2015 with my NUC + Openelec.

With NUC + Openelec yesterdays stream is showing (the same i watched yesterday) and playing but i can not see the live stream from today.

With my PC & Firefox browser can watch todays stream without problems at livestream.com
Hey mate. I just donated a few bucks to you. It wasn't much but I wanted to give you something to say thanks for getting and keeping this working for my wife. Cheers!
(2015-09-11, 06:52)cnmsales Wrote: [ -> ]Hey mate. I just donated a few bucks to you. It wasn't much but I wanted to give you something to say thanks for getting and keeping this working for my wife. Cheers!

Help please, I am new to this but do know how to get the plug in. I looked in my zip file - found the name but when I click on the file nothing comes up. All is blank.
Any assistance would be welcome.
(2015-07-27, 10:04)Raitsa Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-07-27, 00:46)JamieLynn Wrote: [ -> ]So, if I have Kodi on an Amazon Fire, how do I install this? I can't find it in the list of addons OR by search.


You can install it from the kodi repo too.

System > Settings > Addons > Install From Repository > Kodi Add-on repository > Video add-ons > Livestream
how can I find this channel in Livestream Kodi?

Thanks a lot!
Hi, im looking for any Seattle, WA news channel, such as


can someone please help me

Help! The live search stop working. Maybe something has changed in livestream.com. Could you please have a look?
I used a version 2015.8.13 of your famous addon and it doesn't work today. So I looked for an update and found the version provided from thiis download-link. But my openelec/kodi told me that the zip has not the correct format.

Finally I copied the files manually, but shoudn't the zip work ?
did anyone get it t work.
This a fantastic add-on, but I'll add to the list of people for whom search no longer works. I've got it set up on two devices and neither works. If I install the older version from the Repo nothing works. If I install from the zip here, the Live section works but search does not.
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