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Full Version: Shutting kodi down
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I am using kodi (14.2) on a Yoga 2 Pro, under either Windows 8.1 or Linux (Lubuntu/Mint/Cinnnamon).
When I am in Windows, kodi shuts down almost immediately when I press F4. In Linux, however, it usually takes a very long time, and often I have to reboot to regain use of the machine, or kill the kodi.bin process with the task manager. Typing S usually activates the exit menu, but the effect is the same as pressing F4-- interminable delay.
Do other people have a similar problem, and what can be done about it?
Settings -> Addon -> Services: Disable Version Check addon. Exit Kodi (will hang again), start kodi, exit -> will work.
Sorry for the delayed response. We must be using different version-- mine is 14,2, and I could not find in it the menu options you mentioned:
system/addons/ does not have Services as an option, nor does it have the option to disable version checking, although it does offer to Check for updates. System/services also does not have the option you mentioned.

Could you point me to the right place?
No, I already did.
Try System -> Settings -> Addons -> Enabled Addons -> Services -> Version Check -> Disable.

If when you select Addons you find yourself with a list of addon categories or addons instead of "Disabled Addons", "Enabled Addons", "Get Addons", "Install from zip" (et al) then select the double-dots at the top of the list to go back up the tree (like directories) until you get to that list at the top level. Then go back into "Enabled Addons" and carry on as above.
Thanks. With your correct instructions I found where I could disable the version check.
After disabling it, exiting from Kodi takes 20 seconds, compared with 75 seconds before disabling it.
It's a mystery what an i7 computer with 8 gb and a large SSD might be doing for such a long time, but your reply did help.
A debug log might tell you.