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Full Version: TvTunes Hooks Changing
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As your skin is listed in the supported skins for TvTunes:

I thougth that I would post on this thread to let you know that the way the hooks from the Skin to TvTunes work is changing.

There are 2 main changes.

1) TvTunes will now (From 5.0.2 - which has recently been published) run as a service, this means that there is no longer a need to run the script every time the window loads, this means you can now safely remove the:

<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(ActivateTvTunes) + System.HasAddon(script.tvtunes)">RunScript(script.tvtunes,backend=True)</onload>

From the top of your window XML files.

2) The way that skins should calculate if TvTunes is running has changed (Previously there were 2 different properties, TvTunesIsRunning and TvTunesIsAlive). Now there is a more generic PlayingBackgroundMedia that should cover a wider range of similar addons should the need arise. This can be checked as follows:


I have created a pull request for Confluence which should give you a very good idea of what has changed and help highlight how this may impact your skin:


Some more information can be found on the TvTunes wiki:


The old method will still be supported for the time being, but will be moved after a release has elapsed.

If you have any questions, then please post to the TvTunes thread.


Thanks, i'll have a look
Updated and will be in next release