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Full Version: Simple Plain Album Art on Music Playback/Visualisation
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On Music Playback/Fullscreen I just want the tracks' embedded art.

Thought there'd be a setting for this - none obvious and no obvious results on search (although do get swamped with album art in menu's/tagging/scraping results).

Setting Visualisation to 'None' gives me a blank screen

Looking through Visualisations is a world of hurt of the strangely named, obscure and bizarre with settings that allow me to do everything except time travel.

Surely there is/should be a 'Display Album Art' in Music Playback/Visualisation options somewhere?

(v14.1, Windows, Confluence but presuming more generic than any of those 'platforms')
seems like it should be easy to create a vortex preset for this, but I couldn't get it to work:
void Render()

    gfxTexRect(-1, 1, 1, -1);

so I must be doing something wrong.

scott s.