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Full Version: Wake on Access No Longer working
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I was on a previous installation of Openelec gotham based. I recently upgraded to the Helix Openelec. After doing so, my wake on access is no longer working correctly. I see statements in the log that it has read the file, however, i never see it attempt to actually wake up the host with the MySQL server running?

Below is the startup log.

Also, below is a grep of the guisettings.xml
IntelNUC:~/.kodi/userdata # cat guisettings.xml  | grep wake
        <dailywakeup default="true">false</dailywakeup>
        <dailywakeuptime default="true">00:00:00</dailywakeuptime>
        <prewakeup default="true">15</prewakeup>
        <setwakeupcmd default="true">/usr/bin/setwakeup.sh</setwakeupcmd>

If this question is better suited for the Openelec forums, please let me know.

Just so more information for those who can help. Below is an example of what i see from my old xbmc.log file when everything was working fine.

grep of WakeOnAccess
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: WakeOnAccess - Load settings :
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: WakeOnAccess - Enabled:TRUE
19:46:42 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: WakeOnAccess [] trigged by accessing : MySQL : AdultMusic46
19:46:42 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: WakeOnAccess success exit, server already running

This was on the same machine with the following version:
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: Starting XBMC (13.1 Git:84725b0). Platform: x86 Linux 64-bit
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: Using Release XBMC x64 build, compiled Jun  4 2014 by GCC 4.9.0 for x86 Linux 64-bit 3.14.5
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: Running on Linux 64-bit (OpenELEC (official) - Version: 4.0.4, 3.14.5 x86_64)
19:46:41 T:139672260519744  NOTICE: Host CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz, 4 cores available
I also see no attempt at waking server, I also see no attempt at connecting to MySQL so that may be your root problem? Did it start at all or what happened?
It starts up to the kodi splash screen. Then eventually it will timeout trying to connect to the database and show the main menu. I installed a version of helix on my pc as close to the openelec as possible and that seems to wake up my database. That said I also have a raspberry pi on openelec that does not wake up the database.

I was looking through the wakeonacess.cpp file a bit. Seems like based on what is logged things should work properly, but at some point something must error out or not call that class again. It's had to tell without debugging or all the source in an idea.
this is a snippet from your log ;
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:   Registering wakeup entry:
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     HostName        : NAS-PC
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     MacAddress      : 00:0B:E0:F0:00:ED
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     PingPort        : 0
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     PingMode        : 0
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     Timeout         : 300 (sec)
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     WaitForOnline   : 40 (sec)
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     WaitForOnlineEx : 40 (sec)
23:22:06 T:140283446122368  NOTICE:     WaitForServices : 5 (sec)
18:22:06 T:140283446122368    INFO: creating subdirectories
18:22:06 T:140283446122368    INFO: userdata folder: special://masterprofile/
18:22:06 T:140283446122368    INFO: recording folder:
18:22:06 T:140283446122368    INFO: screenshots folder: /storage/screenshots/

It looks like during startup, the clock suddenly jumps back in time .. that could possibly fool the timeout-check in the wake-on-access module.
Could you try to change your timezone into GMT to see if that changes anything? I guess maybe you have a US timezone now?
Man, I really thought you were on to something there with the clock. Initial change to 'France' for GMT did not fix the problem, but the time did not bounce around like you noticed.


Btw, there were no other changes to the system but moving from gothem to helix with new kodi branding. I have 3 machines with Kodi (pi, nuc and windows). The windows one i dont use regularly but the settings seemed to not copy over as well. That said, that is the only one that can wake up the MySQL server. The other 2 run openelc and both have no such luck.
Well, i take that back. For some reason after couple of reboots, things seem to be working again. I think changing the timezone and then back to CDT it seems to be working for some reason. If it breaks again, i think i might try and use the autostart.sh script for waking up the PC prior to Openelec starting.
Weird, dont know what is going on, but good that it is working