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Full Version: Library export NFO charcter encoding
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Does anyone know if the character encoding used when exporting a video library to NFO files can be changed?

I'm seeing Unicode characters such as é, à, …,—, “ and ” get converted to things like ’ and – in the exported NFO files.

I'm using the latest KodiBuntu with Kodi 14.2 using MySQL as the backend DB. 'thetvdb' and 'tmdb' are set as my video info scraping sources.

Any ideas?
everything should be utf-8. and it's not changing, legacy charsets needs to die.
Yep, just deleted the and nfo, re-exported it and checked it with notepad++ and it is fine when I select Utf-8.
I also did a second test to re-import that nfo into the library and again it's all good now.

I imagine the rogue characters must have worked their way into the database from MySQL dump at some point in the past when I've been moving the db around.

Anyway looks like I don't have an issue anymore and won't need MySQL dump either.