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Full Version: Kodi, tvheadend, fire tv - epg has a hell of loading time
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EHLO - I'm new here, I hope I am right here Smile

After being sceptical long years against XBMC/Kodi, I just tried it after seeing, how my co-workers praise it - and well, good work was done here, many thanks to all kodi devs!
But I've got an issue and don't know where to start.

I use it to replace a Windows Media Center, which was used as PVR until now, due to the removal of the WMC Software in the upcoming Windows 10.

For the record, I use a Linux-Based (Xubuntu 14.04 LTS) Computer with quite good specs (Intel Core i7, 8G RAM, KNC1 DVB-S2+ TV Station Tuner) and feed the signal via tvheadend (3.4.28~geb79aee~trusty) into a gigabit lan. As a client, I use an Amazon Fire TV with Kodi 14.2 "Helix" on a FullHD TV. Satellite Dish is aligned to Astra 19,2E without DiSEqC (direct connection from card to LNB), there are around 1800 service detected, from which I bound around 180 to several channels. To work around the Amazon Marketplace Issue, I use firedtv as launcher; both Kodi and firedtv were sideloaded.
For the most part, it works totally flawless.

With the default theme, Kodi crashes often and reproduceable (especially when I use the channel list from the mainmenu to switch the channel), but I'd changed the theme to Metropolis, and now it seems to run pretty stable.

But when I try to open the EPG (overall timeline view from the main menu) in Kodi, it takes very long (20-30s) until I get my EPG, which then works flawlessly again.
In the meantime, there is no interaction possible, the image freezes completely, theres only sound. This happens every time when I open the EPG or when I get back to the EPG by using the back key. Even when I just have it stay open, probably it refreshes itself after some time.

What does it do so long?
EPG Data is refreshed on each start of Kodi, so I dont see needs to update it without visual feedback; does Kodi draw the epg data into a huge image buffer, which takes longer the more channels exist?

Is there any way for me to improve that?
Are there any pitfalls which cause a symptom like this, I mean... Am I doing it wrong? Angel