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Full Version: Album Artist tag not recognized in mp3
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I, stupidly, decided to arrange my music by Album Artist - like "Various" for compilations, rather than 15 different artists listed.

Kodi is not recognizing this tag consistently. I have the following tags set on all these albums:

And Kodi randomly only recognizes 2 out of my 30 or so albums. I look at the extended tags and regular tags and can't see any difference between any of the files (the ones it recognizes and the ones it doesn't).

Some other apps are fine with what I've done - clementine, for example. But I just want to use Kodi for everything and keep it (irony) simple.

Have I done something wrong?

If over the last 5 years I could take back all the time I've wasted with "Album Artist" and "SPDIF output" problems on Linux, I think I could have cured cancer.
Look at 7281 (PR) its not been merged yet.