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Full Version: script error! Nederland 24
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Hello there,

I have installed Kodi(OSMC) on my Raspberry Pi2 and I was very pleased how slick it looks and feels.
I had frodo on a raspberry Pi model B. But that took ages to load and after a while my favorite video addon(Nederland 24, Yes, Iḿ Dutch) had a script error and I didn´t use it anymore. Now with Kodi and raspberry Pi 2, I decided to try it again and again I must admit that I´m impressed.
But again,after 2 weeks, I bumpe into that script error again on Nederland 24. I uninstalled the video addon and rebooted the Pi and installed the addon again but alas. Scipt error.
I had another sd card with Kodi(openelec) with Kodi, and thought that would help me out. But again; script error.
Than I installed Kodi on my Linux laptop and again; script error.
What could be wrong here. I googled for a solution but so far nothing helped. I really like Kodi on my Pi, with Kore as a remote device on my android phone. But the script error spoils the fun. Has someone a clou as to what to do to solve this script error?

Hija Gijs,

'Script Error' can mean anything. Here's some instruction on where to post the log: http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file
Thanks for your reply.
My log file is http://xbmclogs.com/p7fqmqknz
update was send for repo. should be updated "soon"
It works again after a refresh.