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Full Version: Make Kodi a system app
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I would like to make Kodi a system app, but it does not work. It just crashes at launch.
It seems that the system can't find libkodi.so. libkodi.so is located in /system/lib.
The apk works fine if installed as a normal user app.

I tried it on Kodi 14.2 Helix & 15.1 Isengard beta 1.

Is there any way to make it a system app?
This is unsupported by us and probably violates our license.
Because we use samba gplv3, it's unclear whether we are gpl v2 or v3, and v3 specifically prohibits "tivoization", which is exactly what you're trying to achieve.

P. S. This only matter if you plan to distribute your cooked firmware. You do whatever you want on your own device, of course.
it's not unclear Wink

If you build with samba GPLv3 then Kodi becomes GPLv3 as package. Hence "tivoization" is forbidden.