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Full Version: Master Lock Code
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I cannot find this answer in the other forums, so i hope this is the right place to post this.

I am using a Thecus N2520 as my home NAS.

xbmc is installed and used for the media centre function.
Somehow the master lock code has been enabled, but no one knows the code to remove it.

I do not know how to access the xml files to edit the code.
Which seems to be one of the solutions others have used.

I can access the NAS menu and the stored media files, but i cannot seem to locate any system files or folders.

I am super desperate!!!
Welcome to the forums.

Look at guisettings.xml located in userdata (wiki) when kodi is stopped (not running).
Thanks for replying, I am literally checking this forum daily to try and find an answer.
Thanks for the link to the userdata wiki but I cannot access any directory that matches those file locations.
Hence i cannot find guisettings.xml. This is very frustrating.

Here is an image of the file directory:

if you can't access the system files, then I think you are out of luck and have to ask the Thecus support as I think the needed directories and files are under those system files. It seems you are only able to access the shares, which won't get us any further.

Try to google if you are able to SSH (wiki) into your NAS in any way. If yes, and if you know how, then we might get this solved.

And it isn't in the guisettings.xml. The file you have to edit should be the profiles.xml like I explained in this posting:

1980407 (post)
I have turned on SSH and SFTP. Now to workout how to access it?

PuTTY works, i have the IP correct and i know the admin password.
But the admin password does not work in PuTTY.

I am using the admin and password that i use to access the Thecus interface.
I can't help you, as it isn't my NAS and I don't know either the correct username nor the correct password Wink

So you have to contact the thecus support for this or ask at a thecus forum.

But yes, putty is the correct software to connect to it.
I know i have the correct username and password, but i reckon i am missing some sort of syntax.
Make a screenshot from what you entered and what you select in putty.

Sometimes the passphrases differs from accessing the shares to accessing the system via SSH. So please be sure you have the correct username and password