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Full Version: Status Maximinimalism for Kodi 15 (Isengard)?
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I've been using your skin for some time now and still loves it. Thanks for developing it Smile

Now that the Kodi team are nearing a release of Kodi 15, do you know if Maximinimalism will continue to work on the new version?
Hi Berz,

Maximinimalism should work fine on Isengard as it is, but would benefit from some upgrades to get the best out of it.

I'm currently busy with my other skin Pellucid. Once that's done, I'll be back to work on Maximinimalism.

Ahh.. Wasn't aware of Pellucid for some reason so I will check that out as well. Thanks for your quick reply as always Smile
Heh - I've not exactly pushed it :-) It's in the WIP skins forum - let me know what you think!