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Full Version: Hello world!! Add-on.ini file for EPG program's
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Hello there im new to the whole kodi scene,
got my box about 2 weeks back and i noticed that when it came to the epg guides etc... one program had the channels i wanted and another supported the add-ons i wanted to use.
so after a lot of messing about i decided to make a master of all my work SO FAR...
The new add-on ini inside the zip supports 12 add-ons including,
expatt, filmon, not film on, Tv player, stalker, savvy tv lite, savvy tv, super favourites, sky go, ntv and ftv.
The current XTMLTV file i've included is about 565 channels from the UK sky service and finally the logo pack included has been extracted from a paid for EPG, which i paid a month for just to get the current logo files being used.

any comments please feel free I have tested this on FTV guide so far... using zues video for streams that i dont have in any of the add-ons,
IT does take a while to do the initial set-up as its adding 500+ channels and the add-ons and if your also using the logo pack it will increase that time there is roughly 1000 logo,s aswell...
LINK IS http://www.4shared.com/rar/EejkN7HKba/Epg_files.html Regards Mike.