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Full Version: How to add USB-OpenELEC to EasyBCD
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I just got a Broadwell NUC and installed Windows 10 (Preview) to its M.2 drive. I then installed OpenELEC to a USB drive (creating portable OS). Everything works but I don't like the NUC's boot manager menu and would like a boot manager that's more simplified and that doesn't require pushing buttons upon boot. I've read good things about EasyBCD and would like to use it for this purpose, but have no idea how to add the USB-OpenELEC. Can it be done? How?

Help would be extremely appreciated!
The kernel is on the first partition of the USB and is named KERNEL.

The root filesystem is a squashfs file in the same partition and named SYSTEM.

Take a look at extlinux.conf in /flash on the USB, it'll give you the full boot line.

That should give you some ideas.