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Full Version: [Solved] Uff I screwed this up, help, media portal not working anymore!
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Hi all

I would appreciate some help...

I had to unsintall Mediaportal completely. Reason does not matter here.

Then I installed new again.

And then I'm unable to get Kodi with Mediaportal PVR addon work anymore! I added a TVServerKodi.dll to the MP/plugins but no way. Kodi keeps saying that "No PVR clients have been started yet" pfffff...., yes I have the client enabled and configured, and does not work

I'm not sure if I'm using the correct TVServerKodi.dll , I got it from MP extensions manager, cos I can not download it from anywhere. There is no access to https://www.scintilla.utwente.nl/~marcel...rxbmc.html


thanks in advance

just Kodi got corrupted. Uninstall/Install, everything ok.