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Full Version: VNSI allways stops working after around 20s
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since around mid-may version of the pvr-vdr-vnsi addon it always stops playback after a about 20s. The image just freezes and i get a popup telling about an unkown vnsi client error. I can stop the playback and then start it again and it freezes again after a few seconds.

Interesting is that always the first time after a kodi restart this happens i see a vdr epg channel update popup message just before this happens.

Using an older addon version, start of may or earlier it works just fine. Though with the most recent kodi git update the older ones aren't compatible anymore.

Here is the debug log:
Do you use vdr plugin dummy device? If so I would drop it. If a plugin pretends to be a primary device like dummy_device does, vdr thinks it is live playback handled by VDR. Only in this case you would see the message "epg update".
As an alternative you can navigate to vnsi config dialog and set priority to 0.
how do i check if i have such a davice?
knwoingly i never used such a thing. No idea what it would be good for.
what vdr plugins do you use?
femon and vnsi. that's all.
what version of vnsiserver and vdr? please post syslog with logging level set to 3 for such a scenario.
how to set logging level to 3 and what for? In vdr's setup.conf i do not see any logging related property.

EDIT: btw. it is vdr 2.0.6 and vnsiserver claims 1.3.0, which is current git from here:
trash vdr 2.0.6, it is buggy. 2.2 is long available.
logging level is set by cmd line params
well, purged vdr from the system and reinstalled it with virgin configs. After setting it up it worked with the new kodi git and pvr addon fine for quite some hours. This morning though i tried it again and the same issue happened as described above.

So i decided to try vdr 2.2.

Well, the vnsi client is connecting fine as i see channels and epg updated. But trying to play any tv-channel fails.
When i figured out how to set the log level for vdr i will post later some logs.
ok, so here is the event part from the kodi Debug Log:
Quote:20:16:20 T:139990070769408 NOTICE: Thread DVDPlayer start, auto delete: false
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 DEBUG: PVRManager - OpenLiveStream - opening live stream on channel 'RTL Television'
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 DEBUG: opening live stream for channel 'RTL Television'
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 NOTICE: AddOnLog: VDR VNSI Client: Logged in at '1436379380+7200' to 'VDR-Network-Streaming-Interface (VNSI) Server' Version: '1.3.
0' with protocol version '8'
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 DEBUG: AddOnLog: VDR VNSI Client: changing to channel 4
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 ERROR: AddOnLog: VDR VNSI Client: ReadSuccess - failed with error code '997'
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 ERROR: AddOnLog: VDR VNSI Client: SwitchChannel - failed to set channel
20:16:20 T:139990070769408 ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [pvr://channels/tv/Alle Kanäle/pvr.vdr.vnsi_952694353.pvr]

here is what happened in syslog:
Quote:Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [28982] loading /etc/vdr/plugins/vnsiserver/allowed_hosts.conf
Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [28982] VNSI: Client with ID 2 connected:
Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [29068] VNSI: Welcome client 'XBMC Media Center' with protocol version '8'
Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [29068] VNSI: LiveStreamer::Close - close
Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [29068] VNSI: close video input ...
Jul 8 20:16:20 htpc vdr: [28983] VNSI: Client with ID 1 seems to be disconnected, removing from client list

The full logs are here:
kodi: http://xbmclogs.com/pnx6uy2rl#
syslog: http://xbmclogs.com/pibfccn9k#
ok. Partially the problem is solved. It seems that my old channels.conf didn't worked for the new vdr 2.2 anymore. I either had to rescan it or disable diseqc. The latter one seems more reliable.

After that most channels are working fine. Though quite many arn't. They start playing for a few seconds and then they get distored, as if there bit errors, buffer too slow etc.

It happens 100% of the time and with always the very same channels: all RTL/VOX, ProSieben Sat1 etc. But it works fine with a lot of other channels.

This kinda sucks. Going back to 2.0.6 kodi-pvr is not working. staying at vdr 2.2 half of my channels aren't working. *sigh*

I guess i have to go back to older vdr and revert to an older kodi
without log level 3 there is not much info in syslog. log level is set by a cmd line parameter for vdr: -l 3
that is with log level 3. it is set and i rechecked that.
currently i am back to vdr2.0.6, though with current kodi git. After some issues it seems now to work (why ever). Will see if this persists over the next days.
is this a dual tuner card? did you disable epg scan while streaming?
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